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While you should give your bathroom a good scrub-down on a regular basis, you probably don’t have time for a deep clean more than a few times a year. Spring is the perfect season for thoroughly cleaning up your bathroom, before the gorgeous Sarasota, Florida, summer draws you out of the house. Use these tips to get a fresh, sparkling bathroom that’s perfect for the season ahead.

Clear the Clutter

Bathrooms tend to accumulate a lot of clutter over time, from gifted soaps and lotions to half-empty toothpaste tubes. Empty your cabinets and toss anything that you no longer need. Check the expiration dates on all medications. Launder all bath mats, rugs, draperies, and other linens. Those that are unused may still need a wash if they’ve been sitting in a decorative basket or the back of a cabinet for too long.

Inspect Your Pipes

While your cabinets are clear, you can check the pipes for any signs of leaking. Discolored shelf paper, wall damage, or other signs of moisture should be investigated right away. Never allow moisture to linger. Leak detection services will help you track down the problem if you’re not sure where the faulty pipe is.

Clean and Caulk

Remove any rugs in the bathroom, shake them out outside, and toss them in the wash. Sweep and thoroughly scrub your bathroom floor. Inspect and repair caulk around the tub. Clean grout carefully both on the floor and in the shower. If your grout hasn’t been sealed recently, do so now. You should seal your grout at least once a year.

Deep Clean the Toilet

Remove the toilet seat to get into the crevices you can’t reach with your regular toilet cleaning. Thoroughly clean all toilet surfaces, including the screw caps around the base and crevices around the back.

If you uncover any areas in need of plumbing repairs as you clean, contact Aqua Plumbing and Air to deal with them promptly. You can reach us at 914-306-3715.

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