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Upgrading Your Kitchen Lighting. We Can Help.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Lighting. We Can Help.

We often take it for granted, but lighting is a tremendously powerful tool. It can add function to a home, dramatically change the aesthetic of a room and even boost resale values. That’s especially true of the kitchen, which consistently ranks among the best places to invest your money. No matter your goal, upgrading your kitchen with exciting new lighting styles is always a great idea.

Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

The soft glow of under-cabinet lighting can transform the look of your kitchen. It’s great for eliminating shadows and casting your surroundings in a whole new light. Under-cabinet lights are also great for task lighting, providing excellent illumination and visibility right where you need it. Best of all, LED lights are exceptionally energy-efficient and typically last a very long time. Since they’re low-power fixtures, they rarely require electrical upgrades prior to installation.

Recessed Can Lights for Improved Kitchen Lighting

To many people, visible light fixtures attached to the ceiling can ruin the look of a room. If you’d like a clean, sophisticated look for your kitchen, can lights may be the way to go. Can lights are simply fixtures that are recessed into your ceiling, providing great illumination while maintaining clean lines. Recessed lights are typically installed during the construction process, but a skilled technician can also install them in existing ceilings.

Pendant Lighting

For elegant lighting that really makes a statement, it’s hard to beat pendant lighting. As the name suggests, these lights are individual fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling like pendants. With a staggering array of available designs, it’s easy to create a unique lighting solution that fits your style. An experienced electrical technician can install pendant lights anywhere you choose to help bring your vision to life.

Are you eager to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune on extensive remodeling? Do you need to add some functionality to a particular area? Whatever you’d like to accomplish, there’s no better place to start than with upgraded lighting. To see why, check out Aqua Plumbing & Air’s electrical installation services or give us a call at 941-306-3715.

3 Habits for Improving Energy Efficiency This Fall

3 Habits for Improving Energy Efficiency This Fall

Autumn has fallen on Manatee, Florida, and while the rest of the country starts to think about turning on the heat, we still need to think about cooling our homes efficiently for the next few months. These habits will help you stay comfortable while reducing strain on your HVAC system and improving energy efficiency.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Nothing will improve your energy efficiency like professional HVAC maintenance. Now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance since your system has experienced substantial wear throughout the summer. During a professional maintenance appointment, one of our expert technicians will inspect your system, conduct any necessary repairs, clean the interior of your unit, and much more. All of our efforts reduce strain on the unit and improve efficiency.

Heat and Cool Efficiently

Your heating and cooling habits will play a significant role in determining your energy efficiency this fall. The harder you push your HVAC system to maintain comfort, the more your efficiency will drop. We understand the temptation to keep your home cool while it is still hot outside, and warmer when the weather finally begins to cool down, but the further the temperature inside your home is from the temperature outdoors, the harder your system will work and your system’s efficiency will drop. This fall, maintain energy efficiency by cooling your house to around 78 degrees.

Seal Your Home for Improve Energy Efficiency

Air leaks are notorious for reducing energy efficiency since they allow outdoor air to enter your home and for indoor air to escape. This transfer forces your system to work harder to maintain comfort. You can identify air leaks by looking for light seeping in around doors and windows, or areas where dirt and dust collects. Air leaks are also frequent in unfinished areas, such as attics. Seal leaks around doors with weatherstripping, around windows with fresh caulk, and in unfinished areas either with expanding foam or additional insulation.

Make these energy-efficient habits part of your lifestyle and you will experience greater comfort and lower utility costs this fall. To improve your energy efficiency with the Aqua One Advantage Plan, call Aqua Plumbing & Air at 941-306-3715.

How a UV Light Helps You and Your Indoor Air Quality

How a UV Light Helps You and Your Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners in and around Sarasota, Florida, are increasingly turning to heat pumps for their heating and cooling needs. With excellent efficiency, air quality benefits and all-in-one simplicity, it’s not hard to see why. However, even heat pumps are prone to certain problems in humid climates. In particular, biological contaminants like airborne pathogens tend to thrive in high humidity. By installing a UV light system, you can eliminate many of these issues and enjoy a healthier, more efficient home.

Safeguard Your Health and Well-Being

In the humidity of Florida, an HVAC system can easily become a breeding ground for biologic growth and pathogens. Mold often grows inside air ducts, air handlers and other components. When this happens, the spores can be easily picked up and dispersed throughout your home. HVAC systems are also very effective at spreading airborne pathogens.

Outfitting your HVAC system with UV lights is effective because ultraviolet light is extremely damaging to living cells. In fact, studies have proven the effectiveness of UV lights in controlling biologic growth in air handlers. These lights can also kill or disable airborne pathogens. That translates to better indoor air quality and healthier air for your family to breathe.

Prevent Dirty and Obstructed Components

In addition to health concerns, fungal growth inside your HVAC system also causes practical problems. Biologic growth inside important components can cause excessive wear and make your system less efficient. Fungal spores can also clog up air filters and disrupt airflow, leading to even more problems. These particulates frequently obstruct condensate drain lines. Left unchecked, this can cause water damage and necessitate heat pump repairs.

These problems are especially tricky because they often occur in areas that are out of sight and difficult to access. With a UV light system, you won’t have to worry about your heat pump losing efficiency or suffering excessive wear. Ultraviolet lights installed in strategic locations eliminate biological contaminants and effectively prevent them from coming back.

You have enough to worry about without stressing over unhealthy air or biologic contaminants on heat pump components. Give yourself some much-needed peace of mind by exploring Aqua Plumbing & Air’s indoor air quality solutions or calling 941-306-3715.

Summer to Fall HVAC System Tasks

Summer to Fall HVAC System Tasks

There may not be foliage to enjoy, but fall is still a great time of year in Sarasota, Florida. While you’re taking advantage of the more comfortable weather, however, don’t forget to get ready for what’s coming. Winter in Florida isn’t exactly bone-chilling, but preparing your HVAC system for the heating season is still wise. A few simple tasks can help you save money and enjoy greater comfort once cooler temperatures blow in.

Install Fresh Filters

Your HVAC system has one or more air filters designed to catch particulates and keep your air clean and healthy. Of course, snagging all those particles can eventually leave a filter dirty and restrict the air flowing through it. As a result, your system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. That means higher energy costs and greater wear on important components. Before it’s time to crank up the thermostat, make sure your heater performs efficiently by checking and changing your filters.

Schedule an HVAC System Tune-Up

If you own a furnace or heat pump, you probably already understand the importance of proper maintenance. Regularly servicing your HVAC system keeps it running more reliably, extends its service life and minimizes energy waste. There’s never a bad time to take care of your equipment, but scheduling a heating tune-up in early fall is ideal.

Clear Your Condensation Drain

Even as summer fades into fall, humid weather can persist on the Gulf Coast of Florida. As a result, your HVAC system will continue to remove moisture from your home. That means you’ll need to keep checking your condensation drain line and cleaning it as needed. The drain line is meant to drain away moisture, but it can sometimes become obstructed by mold, algae and dirt. If you don’t keep the line clear, water can back up and shut down your system or cause water damage. Periodically flushing the line with distilled vinegar is often enough to prevent this kind of buildup.

A little preparation often makes all the difference. These tasks are quick and easy, but they’ll pay off once the chilly weather arrives. To make life even easier, see our Aqua One Advantage Plan or call 941-306-3715.

3 Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

3 Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

You know the ducts in your Venice, Florida, home are an important part of your AC system, keeping your home cool in these prolonged hot months. But like the blades on your ceiling fan, just because air is always moving across something doesn’t mean it doesn’t still attract dust and dirt. Keeping your air ducts clean with a regular duct cleaning service means your home gets improved air quality, fewer odors, and improved HVAC efficiency.

Better Air Quality with Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning involves special hand-cleaning tools that loosen up any debris sitting in your ducts and collecting it all in a high-powered vacuum. A technician might also use some compressed air sources and a HEPA vacuum to remove dust and dirt in your ducts as well. What this means is that any stray dust or pollutants that had been in your ducts are gone, removing any potential triggers for allergies or even sinus congestion, making your home’s indoor air quality that much better.

Fewer Random Odors

If you’ve ever stepped inside your home after a long day away and wondered what that smell was, it might not be your trash can. Pet dander, bacterial growth, and even paint fumes can all contribute to stale or other off-putting smells as they get trapped in dust particles. Duct cleaning can remove the odors that have settled into your ducts and give you a fresher-smelling home.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

When you have a heavy buildup of dust, debris, and grime in your vents, your HVAC system has to work harder to push air through your ducts to cool you down. This means your system has to use more energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Plus, debris in your ductwork can travel to the more sensitive parts of your unit and can damage delicate parts. Getting your ducts cleaned means your system can work more efficiently.

If you’re worried about your air quality or general HVAC efficiency, consider getting a professional duct cleaning from Aqua Plumbing & Air. We can see what your system needs and get you on the way to cleaner ducts. Call us at 941-306-3715.

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Get a Better Night’s Sleep With These 3 HVAC Tips

Get a Better Night’s Sleep With These 3 HVAC Tips

You depend on a good night’s sleep to keep you going through the day. But did you know that your HVAC system plays an important role in helping you receive the rest you need? Homeowners in Longboat Key, Florida, should be conscious of their thermostat and HVAC settings to help them sleep more comfortably and restfully. The following HVAC tips will help you know what temperature and humidity levels your home should be at during the night and how to maintain good indoor air quality.

Maintain a Cool HVAC Temperature at Night

If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to cool down your home’s temperature to somewhere between 67 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit before bedtime. This will assist your body’s natural tendency to lower its core temperature as you prepare to go to sleep. Your body will rest more comfortably in a temperature within the recommended range, ultimately helping you feel rested when you wake in the morning.

Reduce Your Home’s Humidity Level

Living close to the water in Florida often means having high humidity levels. Since your body rests best in humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent, be sure your HVAC system is removing moisture from the air as it should.

Clean Up Air Ducts for Better Air Quality

Your HVAC system will recirculate the air in your home several times, often bringing what’s inside your air ducts into your living spaces. Be sure to have an HVAC technician clean your air ducts regularly to keep the air quality in your home fresh and clean. Breathing clean air will help you stay healthy, and reducing irritants in the air will allow for a comfortable and restful sleep.

Say yes to a better night’s sleep with these HVAC tips keeping your home at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels while breathing clean air. Contact Aqua Plumbing & Air today to keep your HVAC system running smoothly at 941-306-3715.

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