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Out With the Old and in With the New: Enjoy Upgraded Electrical in 2019

Out With the Old and in With the New: Enjoy Upgraded Electrical in 2019

Staying on top of electrical issues in your Sarasota, Florida, home can help you stave off major problems and keep your home operating more efficiently. As your home gets older, your energy needs change, so it may be a good time to consider investing in electrical upgrades in the coming year.

Signs It May Be Time for an Upgrade

Your electrical system is vital to everyday life. Making sure your system can handle the load you are putting on it is important to be able to complete your daily tasks as well as keep your home safe.

There will be some tell-tale signs when your electrical system can no longer meet your daily energy needs. Some symptoms to watch for are:

  • A breaker that constantly trips.
  • Dimming lights when appliances are turned on.
  • The use of extension or adaptor cords to deliver power in your home.
  • Higher energy bills.
  • Shocks or burning smells.

Many homeowners do not upgrade their electrical system until there is a problem, which means there can often be dangerous electrical problems lurking in your home such as frayed or damaged wires. Having an inspection from a qualified electrician can eliminate these dangerous conditions and let you know what systems need upgrading.

Benefits of Upgraded Electrical Wiring

Especially in older homes, there are many benefits that can come with upgrading your home’s electrical wiring.

  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Savings on your utility bills.
  • Less risk to electrical devices.
  • Fewer blown fuses.
  • The ability to handle a larger electrical load.
  • Better performance of your appliances and systems.
  • Improved safety for everyone in the home.

Treat yourself this year to the benefits of an updated and improved electrical system in your home. A few simple upgrades can provide you with monetary savings, better appliance functioning, and improved peace of mind that your family is safe. Want more information on how to get started? Contact our electrical professionals at Aqua Plumbing & Air at 941-306-3715 today to schedule your consultation.

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4 Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

4 Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

The water quality in your Sarasota, Florida, home should be a top concern. Even if your water is considered to be safe and suitable for human consumption by the city, it does not necessarily mean it is good enough quality to provide you with optimum health. A water filtration system can remove any remaining chemicals in the system that the city has failed to filter out and help deliver clean, fresh, healthy water for you and your family. On the fence as to whether or not a water filtration system is right for your home? Check out these four benefits you can expect from a water filtration system.

Improved Health

While your city will have their own standards for the removal of water contaminants from your system, water filtration systems use more advanced filtering technologies to reduce the number of chemicals, herbicides, pollutants, microorganisms, and VOCs in your water.

Better Smell and Taste

Water is an important part of maintaining health, but when you have poor smelling water or water with an aftertaste, it can lead you to reach for unhealthy drink alternatives or to not drink enough water. A water filtration system will remove the bacteria and organisms that can cause poor taste and smell, providing you with a more refreshing taste.

Environmental Benefits

When your tap water is not up to par, odds are you will enjoy a bottled alternative. Unfortunately relying on bottled water can create a lot of waste that can end up in a landfill and add to environmental concerns.

Added Convenience

Water filtration systems are easy to have installed and make obtaining fresh, great tasting water as simple as turning on your faucet. You not only get your filtered drinking water more easily but have the convenience of filtered water for use in cooking as well.

A water filtration system has a number of benefits to your home, the environment, and your health. If you are in the market for a new water filtration system, contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air at 941-306-3715 today to find available models.

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3 Exciting New Smart Home Appliances

3 Exciting New Smart Home Appliances

Home technology has improved exponentially over the past few years, with new and exciting devices coming out every year. If you’re considering some upgrades for your Sarasota, Florida, home, here are three of the most exciting smart home appliances currently available on the market.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been around for a few years now, but they continue to get more impressive. These devices link into Wi-Fi systems and are more than just a way to change the temperature in your home. They track the habits and schedule of your household and create a personalized climate control schedule, so your home is both comfortable and optimally efficient.

In addition, smart thermostats connect to your home automation system for even more personalization options. Many can be controlled remotely and also allow users to check on energy consumption levels and the programmed schedule.

Leak Detectors

Leaks are a homeowner’s nightmare. Destructive and inconvenient, leaks can pool water for days before becoming noticeable. Leak detectors are sensors that detect moisture and send alerts to a connected device. These systems can be hooked up to smartphones and home automation systems through Wi-Fi, giving homeowners immediate information about leaks and their locations. These systems should be installed by experts who can place them in the best locations throughout your home.

Smart Switches and Plugs

Smart switches and plugs are the top new smart technology items. These allow remote access, letting users turn the electrical flow on and off remotely, and they increase ease of access and convenience. Some of these devices should be installed by licensed electricians and can make a huge difference in your utility savings. No more accidentally leaving the lights on while you’re away at work: With smart switches and plugs, you can control any attached device from a distance.

Interested in purchasing some new smart home appliances? Aqua Plumbing & Air can help you pick the best devices and install them correctly. Give us a call at 941-306-3715 to set up a consultation today!

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3 Tips for Staying Warm While Saving Energy

3 Tips for Staying Warm While Saving Energy

Sarasota, Florida, is lucky to have mild winters with only a few days dipping into low temperatures. Warming your home can still take a lot of power, but there are plenty of ways to conserve energy when winter sets in. Here are our top three ways to stay warm while saving energy this winter.

Switch Fan Directions

Many homeowners don’t realize that switching the direction their fan blades turn can make a difference in energy savings. Warm air rises naturally, leaving the air that’s closer to the ground cool. Having your fans rotate clockwise during the winter draws that warm air down and redistributes it throughout your home, helping to reduce the load on your HVAC system.

By keeping that air in circulation instead of letting it go to waste, you don’t need to use your system as much, but you still stay cozy.

Improve Circulation

Switching your fan direction isn’t the only circulation-related way to save energy. It’s tempting to cozy up to your heat source, whether it’s a fireplace, vent, or space heater when the temperature dips. However, this can lead to reduced circulation of heat, and therefore, leave the rest of your house chilly.

Items such as couches, chairs, and thick blankets absorb heat, leaving less warm air to get to the rest of your home. Keep some space between your heat source and any furniture or upholstery to get the widest circulation of heat.

Insulate the Pipes

A warm shower is fantastic when the temperature dips, but if your pipes aren’t insulated, your water heater will be taxed more than normal as it works to negate the effect of cold weather on your water temperature.

If your pipes are exposed to the weather, you’ll see higher utility bills, and your water may never actually get to the correct temperature. Get your pipes insulated if you have exterior, unprotected portions to increase your energy savings.

If your utility bills are soaring during the winter months, you may need an expert to check your plumbing and HVAC system. Aqua Plumbing & Air can help you improve your efficiency. Give us a call at 941-306-3715 to set up a consultation today!

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Choosing the Right HVAC Filter for Your Home

Choosing the Right HVAC Filter for Your Home

Your HVAC system’s air filter serves an important purpose, capturing airborne allergens, irritants, and pollutants. There are many options for your home’s HVAC filter, and choosing the right product isn’t always a straightforward matter. Use these tips to help you pick the best possible filtration for your Sarasota, Florida, home.

Check Your System’s Requirements

Residential HVAC systems have certain parameters for the filters that they can accept. Many systems can use only a one-inch filter, while others can accommodate filters up to five inches thick. Thicker is better when it comes to your air filter, but you must stick with the manufacturer’s recommended filter that fits in your unit.

The same is true of MERV ratings. The higher the MERV rating on your air filter, the more effective it is at capturing small particles. HEPA filters have the highest MERV ratings, but these are usually reserved for hospitals and other commercial facilities. Most home HVAC systems aren’t strong enough to pull air through this type of filter. Choose the highest MERV rating that your system can handle that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Consider Added Filtration

If you want to go above and beyond your system’s standard filter, you can opt to install another filtration system. Often referred to as an air cleaner or air purifier, this add-on will help capture bacteria, allergens, irritants, and pollutants that a standard HVAC filter might miss.

We carry several types of air purifier systems. The Comfort EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter EZXCAB removes 65 percent of particles as small as 1 micron in size. Meanwhile, the Infinity Air Purifier GAPA captures 95 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Customize your air filter to meet your family’s needs.

If you’re suffering from allergies, asthma, dust buildup, or other signs of poor indoor air quality, improving your air filter can help. Contact Aqua Plumbing & Air at 941-306-3715 for help choosing the best filter for your home. We offer a full line of air quality and air conditioning services to help you get the comfort you need.

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A Go-To Guide for Saving Money With Your HVAC System

A Go-To Guide for Saving Money With Your HVAC System

Looking for ways to put extra money into your bank account? If so, it starts at home. There are a variety of HVAC adjustments you can make to increase energy efficiency in your Ellenton, Florida, home. Simple routine maintenance and small investments of time and money can save you a bundle in the long run. Consider these steps if you’re trying to save money with your HVAC system.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Sources vary on the recommended number of times you should change the air filter on your HVAC system during the the year. Most sources state changing it once every 45 to 60 days will maintain optimal energy efficiency and keep your energy bills low. If allergy or asthma sufferers reside in the home, you’ll want to change it at least once a month. A dirty filter can’t effectively remove airborne allergens and contaminants, making it important to change it on a more frequent basis.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to keep your home at moderate temperatures while you’re away and at a more comfortable temperature while you’re home. This can significantly lower your heating and cooling expenses and it decreases wear and tear on your HVAC system. By decreasing wear and tear, this minimizes the money you have to spend on repair and replacement costs.

Acquire Regular Maintenance

The number one thing you can do to reduce heating and cooling expenses is to have HVAC maintenance performed on a regular basis. An HVAC specialist can inspect the entire system and pinpoint small issues before they lead to extreme wear and tear. By fixing issues before they become extremely problematic, this saves money. An HVAC specialist can also assess whether or not the ductwork needs cleaning. Clean ducts are essential to optimal airflow, which is crucial to keeping your energy bills low.

Aqua Plumbing & Air Electrical & Water Treatment specializes in quality air conditioning repair and maintenance programs. Contact us today by visiting our website or give us a call at 941-306-3715.

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