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2 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial HVAC System

2 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial HVAC System

As a commercial building owner or manager, you’re responsible for making sure your Venice, Florida, commercial HVAC system is working properly to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Learn more about what you can do to keep your commercial HVAC system at peak efficiency.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are crucial to a commercial system because of the high volume of air that passes through. The condition of the air filter can also impact the overall efficiency of the system, not to mention the indoor air quality of the space. When a filter is dirty or clogged, it can’t remove contaminants from the air, resulting in poor air quality that can impact the health of your employees, customers or tenants and others in the space.

Be sure to change filters every month or two months, or according to the unit’s owner’s manual.

Clean the Unit’s Exterior

The blockage of vents or registers can also lead to reduced airflow and poor efficiency. Dust, dirt, and other particles can get stuck in air vents and ducts throughout the system, preventing crucial air flow. Furniture like desks, tables, and chairs can also get in the way of necessary air flow areas that risk bringing down your commercial HVAC unit’s efficiency.

Make it standard maintenance practice to check for furniture blockages and thoroughly clean registers and the area around them.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Other critical maintenance tasks for your commercial system are best left to a skilled HVAC professional with commercial unit experience for a tuneup twice a year. During a tuneup, the technician tests the system, checks the cooling system’s refrigerant level, inspects all components, and calibrates the controls. If anything isn’t working properly, the technician can talk to you about issues and take care of the repairs right away.

By keeping up with regular maintenance, you can feel confident that your commercial HVAC system is operating efficiently and all components are in good condition.

At Aqua Plumbing & Air, our technicians specialize in commercial HVAC maintenance and service, so contact us for more information at 941-306-3715.

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How to Maximize Your Smart Thermostat

How to Maximize Your Smart Thermostat

Make the most of your smart thermostat’s automation features to optimize your Bradenton, Florida, home’s HVAC system. With built-in features and efficiency settings, you can use your smart thermostat to keep your bills under control without sacrificing home comfort.

Teach Your Smart Thermostat

Although most smart thermostats can learn your household habits and make automatic changes, it’s helpful to start by teaching your unit what you and your family prefer. Set a seasonal schedule that accommodates your preferred temperature during every time of year. Establish a daily schedule that allows the smart thermostat to raise or lower the temperature based on when you and your family are away. By altering these settings initially, you provide a basis for the thermostat to make adjustments right away.

Enable Away Features

When it’s hot and humid outside, it’s tempting to drop the temperature on your thermostat drastically in an attempt to cool down your home faster. This method is actually a myth that risks putting extra pressure on your HVAC system.

When you make a big temperature change, your thermostat might misunderstand it as part of your new preferences. To avoid any unexpected changes to your thermostats learned readings or your utility bills, enable the special features that maintain a decent temperature in your home while you’re away and begin cooling your home at a specific time when it expects you to be home.

Review Reports Regularly

Smart thermostats can also produce reports that track various energy elements in your home. These reports can tell you how much energy is used and at what times of the day. Determine how much energy your household is using so you can identify when and if changes need to be made to your heating and cooling habits to improve efficiency. Your smart thermostat might include recommended changes in the report, making it even easier to adjust.

At Aqua Plumbing & Air, our technicians can help you make the most of your smart thermostat and provide other HVAC services. Contact us at 941-306-3715.

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4 Signs of a Water Leak

4 Signs of a Water Leak

Water leaks in your University Park, Florida, home can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Sometimes water leaks go undetected because they’re hidden behind walls or in rarely accessed areas of the home. Keep an eye out for these four signs of a water leak in your home so you can address it as soon as possible.

Staining on Walls or Ceilings

Most of your home’s plumbing is likely installed inside the walls and floors of your home. Leaks in those pipes can result in water being absorbed by the drywall in your home. If you notice any dark stains on your walls or ceilings, they could be caused by a leaking pipe. If these stains continue to get larger or darker, call a professional to inspect the area right away.

Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

Stains from leaks can be hidden by dark paint or wallpaper. If you notice bubbling or peeling on your paint or wallpaper, there could be a leak behind the walls in that area. Look where the wallpaper is separating or peeling away from the wall to locate where the leak is likely hidden. Revealing the stain under the paint or wallpaper can help a professional assessment.

Musty Odors

Water leaks can also increase the risk of biological growth, which can give off musty odors. If you smell something musty in your home, you should have the area inspected to determine whether growth is occurring behind the walls and to prevent further issues from developing in your plumbing system.


Puddles are a very common sign of water leaks. Some of the most common spots for water to collect include around your toilet or beneath your sinks. Call a plumber to your home to assess and fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, contact our team at Aqua Plumbing & Air by calling 941-306-3715.

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3 Good Habits for Preserving Your Pipes

3 Good Habits for Preserving Your Pipes

Protecting the plumbing pipes in your Sarasota, Florida, home is essential to help stave off disaster. While it is best to leave the repairs and maintenance to the pros, there are some steps you can take, and habits you can develop to help in preserving your pipes throughout the year.

Be Cautious of What You Flush

Don’t let the power of the toilet flush fool you. Your toilet drain was not meant to handle everything. Items such as cleaning wipes, soap, facial tissue, paper towels, and other things homeowners commonly flush can lead to major clogs in their pipes. Make sure to dispose of garbage in the garbage can and stick to only toilet paper for the toilet. Make sure that it is used in moderation, as too much toilet paper can cause clogs, too. This type of tissue paper will break down with water, and easily pass through your pipes.

Stick With Liquid Soaps

Opt for body washes instead of old-fashioned bar soaps. Bar soap leaves more residue on pipes over time, creating buildup and causing it to clog faster. Not only will residue from the soap build up on the walls of your pipes but it can also come off in chunks and clog the drain. When pieces of soap get in the drain, they combine with other obstructions to make them thicker and create a more damaging clog.

Regularly Flush Your Drain

Regularly flushing of your drain can help remove the build-up along the edges of the pipes. You can flush your drains by pouring a coffee pot of hot water down the drains in your house once a month, or every other month, except for your toilet. This will help force some of the buildups off of the sides of your pipes and allow it to drain easier.

Don’t let clogged drains ruin your day. Follow the tips above to help keep your pipes in good shape and contact us at 941-306-3715 if you have plumbing concerns. One of our Aqua Plumbing & Air Specialists will be happy to assist you.

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Out With the Old: How Whole-Home Ventilation Improves Air Quality

Out With the Old: How Whole-Home Ventilation Improves Air Quality

Having proper ventilation in your Sarasota, Florida, home is crucial to maintaining good indoor air quality and keeping your home comfortable. Having the proper ventilation will help remove stagnant air from your rooms and replace it with fresh, filtered air. One of the best ways to ensure that your home is properly ventilated is by installing a whole-home ventilation system that involves a system of ducts, fans, and filters that will work together to circulate the air.

How Do Whole-Home Ventilation Systems Work?

The ultimate goal of a ventilation system is to remove stale air from your home and replace it with fresh air. How this goal is achieved will largely depend on the type of ventilation system you decide to install. The most common systems will change the pressurization in the house to draw the stagnant air out and pull the fresh air in.

How Can Whole-Home Ventilation Help to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Ventilation systems are an important addition to your home if you suffer from poor indoor air quality and can be especially helpful when you have a household with asthma or allergy sufferers. A ventilation system can help improve IAQ in many ways.

  • It removes contaminants from the air. Contaminants and pollutants will get trapped in the filter of the ventilation system, removing them from your air supply and lowering the risk of respiratory concerns.
  • It can help balance the humidity levels in your home. Having proper ventilation in areas like the kitchen and bathroom will help remove humidity in these rooms and reduce the risk of biological growth that can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • It helps to reduce the amount of dust and dander that settle around your home. When you have poor air circulation in your home, dust and dander will settle on your household surfaces, creating a buildup that will ruin your IAQ.

Find out for yourself how a whole-home ventilator can improve the IAQ in your home by contacting us at 941-306-3715. If ventilation isn’t effective enough, we can also help with air filtration. One of our Aqua Plumbing & Air ventilation specialists will discuss the best solutions to help you breathe a little easier.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Water Quality

3 Ways to Improve Your Water Quality

Water plays a big role in the health and comfort of your home. Yet, many homeowners do not know what could be lurking in their water. Consider a few ways in which you can improve the water quality of your University Park, Florida, home.

Schedule a Water Test

In order to take the necessary steps to improve your home’s water quality, it is important to first know what is in your water. A water test can help you evaluate the current water quality and understand the exact pollutants you will need to get rid of. Your water analysis test will look for things like bacteria, nitrate, lead, and arsenic. The test is fast and easy. One of our professional water consultants will collect a sample of your home’s water, share the findings with you and if needed, create a customized plan to improve.

Install a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

One of the options available to improve your water quality is to install a reverse osmosis filtration system. A reverse osmosis drinking system filters out the contaminants in your water. A water filtration system will offer many advantages, including better tasting water. For the best filtration results, and to avoid any damage to your home and plumbing, it is important to have the system installed by a professional.

Install a Water Conditioner

Some homeowners will learn that their home’s water is actually considered hard water, or has a high level of minerals. Hard water can damage your home’s fixtures, build up soap scum, and lead to dry and itchy skin. Having a water conditioner installed can help to soften your water, making it appear clearer and feel smoother.

Many homes have water systems with questionable pollutants. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the water quality in your home. Call us at Aqua Plumbing & Air today at 941-306-3715 to schedule your complimentary water analysis.

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