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Protect Your Home from Leaks & Conserve Water with Phyn Plus

Phyn Plus – Water Leak Detection You Can Trust

Water Monitoring System Installation South Venice, FL & Water Monitoring System Manatee, FL

Phyn Plus is a plumbing leak detection device that has been proven to be incredibly accurate. Phyn’s technology has been tested and proven for nearly 10 years in the University of Washington laboratories, by plumbers and many homeowner beta testers.

How Is It So Smart?

Phyn uses high definition pressure wave sensing to detect a leak. You will receive an alert the second a leak is detected. You’ll be able to stop or limit any costly damage by initiating an automatic shutoff with an app on your mobile device. A built-in shut-off valve will automatically turn your water off in case of a catastrophic leak.

Water Consumption Information at Hand

Phyn not only protects your home as soon as it’s plugged in, but it begins to learn about your water consumption habits. Over time it accumulates information and will offer insight and additional capabilities that will help you better manage your water. You’ll also receive monthly, daily and hourly reports on the water use in your home.

Daily Plumbing Checks Keep You Informed

Phyn uses daily diagnostic ‘plumbing checks’ to determine if there are any irregular pressure levels or potential ultra-low leaks. You’ll be notified if there are any irregularities. While some water monitors use multiple devices placed through your home where leaks might be likely to happen, Phyn Plus is a single device that protects your whole home from one location.

Easy Installation

Phyn Plus is installed on your main water line, where the water enters your home. It works with the main water line no larger than 1-1/4 inches and within 15 feet of a power outlet. Phyn also connects to your existing WiFi, so there is no need for an additional hub.

Call us for information or to schedule an installation.

You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that Phyn Plus provides.


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Water Monitoring System & Water Monitoring System Installation Sarasota, FL, Palmetto, FL, South Venice, FL, Lakewood Ranch, FL, Bradenton, FL & Manatee, FL

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