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The Carrier Infinity series heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence offers many more benefits than a standard heat pump does. Find out how this advanced heating and cooling unit can help you save energy and stay comfortable while intelligently adapting to your Sarasota home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

On the surface, Carrier Infinity series heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence operate much like standard devices do. A typical heat pump is an important component in an HVAC system, as it performs both heating and cooling functions. Its indoor air handler and outdoor unit work together to condition outdoor air, and the device’s compressor uses refrigerant to control the heat that moves between the two units.

Even though it’s referred to as a heat pump, this device can heat or cool depending on the season. It essentially moves warm air where it needs to be at any time, so it can remove warm air from your Gulf Coast home during the long, hot summers or force warm air into your home on chilly winter nights. Since heat pumps move warm air in this relatively unique fashion, they neither use nor lose as much energy as a typical HVAC setup with a separate air conditioner and furnace.

With its innovative technology, the Infinity series with Greenspeed intelligence takes the heat pump’s demonstrated energy efficiency to a whole new level. This model is the first to take advantage of a variable speed drive, which allows the device’s compressor motor to move faster or slower on demand. Most motors operate in stages, a method that’s less energy-efficient than the Infinity’s variable speeds.

As a result, the Infinity with Greenspeed model scores high when it comes to energy efficiency. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) reveals efficiency levels for heat pumps by dividing their cooling output by their energy input over the course of a cooling season. The Carrier Infinity with Greenspeed has a 20.5 SEER, which is one of the most energy-efficient and highest ratios for heat pumps available on the market.

Heat pumps are also rated by their Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), which compares heating output and electricity usage during a standard heating season. Here the Infinity with Greenspeed again blows the competition away, with an impressive and highly energy-efficient 13 HSPF. It’s no surprise that this model bears an Energy Star label, which confirms that it meets or exceeds government standards for energy efficiency.

Environmental Friendliness

Many HVAC systems and heat pumps strive to be as energy-efficient as possible, but not all take additional steps to be environmentally friendly. In fact, many heat pumps use standard refrigerant, which is believed to contribute to global warming and deplete the ozone layer. Other types of refrigerant are less dangerous for the environment but can be toxic if they’re released from their encasement. The Infinity with Greenspeed answers this potential problem by using environmentally sound R-410a refrigerant, which doesn’t damage the ozone layer.

Adaptive Capabilities

One of the most advanced features of the Infinity with Greenspeed intelligence is its ability to adapt its output to your home. The unit accomplishes this feat this by harnessing the power of its variable speed compressor motor. Since Greenspeed intelligence allows the motor to change speeds quickly, without shifting from stage to stage, the unit can speed up or slow down cooling and heating in no time at all.

The unit also features Ideal Defrost heating operation, which performs a critical step in the heating cycle. In chilly weather, this allows the heat pump to defrost the outdoor coil quickly, without losing a large amount of energy. This advanced Carrier technology also allows the unit to perform at a steady rate or at a lower capacity for longer amounts of time, which means the heat pump can constantly work to keep your home comfortable without wasting energy.

Since the unit can operate at a relatively low level for a long time, it doesn’t have to alternate high-intensity operation with low-intensity rest periods in most types of weather. When temperatures become extreme in the heat of summer or chill of winter, however, the Infinity with Greenspeed has plenty of energy in reserve so it can heat or cool quickly.

This Carrier model also boasts top-notch humidity and temperature control, which ensures that your home is always at the right temperature. The unit’s Infinity control board connects to the Infinity Touch Control to create the ultimate heating and cooling system. As a smart thermostat, this control allows homeowners to program a schedule with temperature increases and decreases throughout the day, easily switch back and forth between heating and cooling, and even select a fan speed for optimal comfort.

The Infinity Touch Control also allows homeowners to control the heat pump’s dehumidification settings, an important feature in Gulf Coast Florida homes. Excessive humidity can lead to a wide range of indoor air quality issues, from uncomfortable indoor temperatures to mold growth to dust mites. High humidity can also exacerbate allergies and lead to respiratory and other health problems.

Cooling off can be difficult when indoor humidity is consistently high, which can also cause many homeowners to run their air conditioner or heat pump much more frequently than they typically would. With straightforward dehumidification controls at your fingertips, however, you’ll be able to stay cool and keep your home comfortable while controlling this important component of indoor air quality.

Quiet Operation

In addition to being incredibly energy-efficient, the Infinity with Greenspeed is also one of the quietest heat pumps on the market. When heating or cooling, the noise that this model emits drops as low as 58 decibels. This noise level falls firmly in the moderate category and is as loud as standard conversational speech. Keep in mind that most standard heat pumps emit noise somewhere in the range of 60 to 70 decibels, which is about as loud as typical street noise.

Since a heat pump’s compressor motor tends to be the hardest working and loudest component, Carrier’s Infinity model strives to make that part the quietest. The model’s compressor sound blanket and Silencer System II technology ensure that the heat pump operates quietly and smoothly. With the potential for nearly noiseless operation, the Infinity with Greenspeed won’t stand a chance of startling you awake from a nap or drowning out your conversations.

Protection From the Elements

Like all heat pumps, half of the Infinity with Greenspeed must be installed inside the home, while the other half resides outdoors. Protecting the outdoor unit from the elements should always be a priority, but not all heat pumps take extra precautions to make sure the exterior unit remains safe and sound for years to come.

The Infinity with Greenspeed unit stays out of the elements thanks to Carrier’s WeatherArmor Ultra protection. This technology has three components, including a galvanized steel cabinet to protect the unit from corrosion, a coil guard to keep this important element clean and free from debris, and a powder paint to coat the unit with a long-lasting finish. Together, these elements ensure that the outdoor unit avoids deterioration or debris and continues to run smoothly.

Carrier technology also ensures that this unit stays clean on the inside, where it matters most. The unit’s filter drier continually filters refrigerant and pulls out moisture and other elements that can contaminate the system and cause problems down the road.

Extended Warranty

Heat pumps and other HVAC system components typically include a warranty that lasts anywhere from one to 10 or even 20 years. Most heat pump warranties only cover a limited range of parts, so it’s important to know what to expect before the unit encounters any problems.

The Carrier Infinity with Greenspeed comes with a 10-year limited warranty on parts. The warranty only extends to the original owner, who must be sure to register the unit within 90 days of purchase. If you send in registration late, the warranty’s length of time decreases from 10 years to five. Consider adding on an optional labor warranty for extra piece of mind.

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