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The city of Venice, Florida, which was named after the Italian city of the same name, is a lovely tourist destination of Southwest Florida that’s known for its beautiful beaches and the large population of “snowbirds” who winter here each year. In fact, many former snowbirds love the area so much that it’s become their year-round home. Popularly known as “the shark tooth capital of the world,” the city has embraced a simple yet appropriate motto: “City on the Gulf.” With a reported population of 20,748 during the 2010 Census, Venice, which is located in the heart of Sarasota County, is one county feature that consistently impresses area visitors with its small-town charm.

Venice, FL Weather

The weather in Venice, Florida is comfortable in winter, drawing tourists from many colder climates. In summer, temperatures tend to be hotter and more humid, making it just a little easier for the snowbirds to tear themselves away.

Attractions in Venice, FL

Venice, FL offers a myriad of activities and attractions for both visitors and locals to enjoy. For those who love the outdoors, the city features a varied selection of parks – 30 in all – which range in size from mini “pocket parks” to parks that are many acres in size or that stretch the length of entire beaches. These form part of the area’s unparalleled charm.

If you love bike riding, you’re in luck! Venice is one of the most bike-friendly cities you’ll find! And though you’ll be welcome to bike in many local spots in this friendly town, you’ll also find some special places that have been set aside to make bike-riding and other similar activities even more enjoyable.

One favorite local spot to bike, hike, or jog is the scenic Venetian Waterway Trail, which sits nestled among 42 breathtaking acres of natural beauty in one of Venice’s most popular parks. One feature that makes this trail even more special is its intersection with The Legacy Trail at the historic Venice Train Depot. The trails are ranked 1 and 2 as Sarasota County’s most popular recreational areas. The Venice Train Depot is also one of the area’s historic attractions that will make your visit more memorable whether or not you plan to bike or hike either of these two trails.

The area also features a variety of other historical, cultural, and recreational attractions and events which combine to help you discover its heart and experience the pulse of life that flows beneath its surface. This enchanting city, in fact, enjoys a rich historical and cultural heritage a multifaceted reality that reflects the full range of beauty that is Venice, FL.

Bringing Expert Plumbing and A/C Services to the Venice, FL Community

At Aqua Plumbing & Air, our goal is to bring our Venice, FL neighbors the best in air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and water treatment services. We feature installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of all the major brands and systems in your home or business. In addition to our wide array of expert services, we also offer a full line of quality plumbing products, including ecologically friendly alternatives to traditional plumbing options. The tankless water heaters we carry can help you reduce your impact on the environment while saving money. That’s one reason we’ve added tankless water heater technology to our lineup of plumbing solutions. These products represent today’s top brands — brands that are on the cutting edge of the green technology revolution. As responsible stewards of our environment, Aqua Plumbing & Air aspires to do our part to bring comfort and convenience to our Venice, FL neighbors in a way that demonstrates our commitment to our community and our planet.

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