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Duct Cleaning Service in Sarasota, FL and Surrounding Counties

Most buildings contain dust, pollen, mold or other substances that can worsen symptoms of indoor allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. In some cases, dirty ductwork could be intensifying the problem. It may be time to consider the benefits of AC duct cleaning for your home or business. Choosing the right provider is an important decision; you can’t trust your expensive HVAC system to just anyone.

In the Manatee County area, Aqua Quality Service of Sarasota stands above the rest. With almost four decades of heating and cooling experience, we can be trusted to do the job right. We offer:

  • certified HVAC technicians who are trained in air quality and repair techniques
  • a local presence that includes BBB accreditation
  • 24-hour availability for emergency repairs
  • maintenance agreements for ongoing service

Duct cleaning is a service that has ignited some controversy, mainly due to fly-by-night companies that made false promises, failed to correctly clean the ducts and in some cases even damaged the equipment. While there are no scientific studies proving specific health benefits from duct cleaning, there is quite of bit of anecdotal evidence from people who say they immediately noticed an improvement in the air. Additionally, some studies have found that thoroughly cleaning the ducts, coils and other components can improve the efficiency of the system and contribute to a longer working life.

If you suspect that dirty ductwork is reducing the quality of the air in your home or business, an Aqua pro will do a quick inspection and provide a quote for cleaning. As part of the service, we’ll check carefully for leaks that can allow dust, mold or even rodents into the system. Duct cleaning isn’t effective unless leaks are repaired, so we’ll explain any additional work that needs to be done to keep your system operating smoothly. Ductwork should be cleaned on an as-needed basis or about every three to five years. Households with pets, water damage or people who smoke or have indoor allergies may opt for more frequent cleanings. It’s also advisable to check out the HVAC system for dust and contamination before moving into the home and after a renovation.

An improper AC duct cleaning not only wastes money but can actually worsen the quality of the air in your home or business. The technicians at Aqua are trained to follow industry standards to correctly inspect and clean the entire system. Providing service in Sarasota, Bradenton, and the Manatee County region since 1974, our reputation for quality work and reliable service speaks for itself. You can count on Aqua for all of your heating, cooling and plumbing needs.

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