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When your Bradenton home’s AC unit requires air condition repair, you should contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air. Our repair department’s training includes resolving issues such as broken machinery, incorrect air temperatures and leaks. 

Unit Repair 

Your AC system includes a number of complex parts such as the condenser. If your air conditioner’s condenser fails, then we will check the system for dirt or lack of lubrication. We will also review the condenser’s capacitor for starting problems since your unit’s compressor can wear out more quickly as a result of multiple attempts to start the motor. 

When your air conditioner is not running, our repair crew will review areas such as the power source, fuse box and thermostat settings. We will even check your unit’s control sections, which are easy to overlook and include the float and reset switches. 

With air condition repair in Bradenton, our crew will inspect your system’s evaporator coil. Once evaporator coil issues begin, your system’s airflow may be weak. We can resolve problems with the device by removing dirt and debris. The coil may also become frozen or blocked, which will cause a reduction in the airflow. 

Repair Prevention You Can Complete

In order to avoid air condition repair, you should replace your cooling machine’s air filter regularly, which for your unit may be as often as once a month or every six months. You should keep an eye on your energy bills, and if you notice a rise, then call for a leak inspection. Review your system’s exterior section, and when you spot grass trimmings or debris near your unit, clean the surrounding area. 

Another part you can inspect is your cooling machine’s drain pan, which will prevent water damage in your home. However, if you see water collecting in the device, then your unit may have a clog, and you should call us for air condition repair. 

During your inspection, you should take a moment and listen to your unit. If you hear squealing sounds, then you should call us for professional service. Be sure to call our repair department when you smell unusual odors near your system since this is a problem sign with your cooling machine. 

Repair Prevention You Can Expect From a Specialist 

You can further prevent air condition repair in Bradenton with one of our service contracts. With annual maintenance, your unit will receive lubrication, air filter replacement and a leak inspection. We will check several areas of your unit for leaks including your ductwork and refrigerant.

If our repair crew discovers that your unit’s refrigerant levels that are too low, then they’ll find the source of the leak and fix the seepage. In some cases, your cooling machine’s refrigerant levels may be too high and then we will adjust the chemical. 

When your Bradenton home’s AC system fails, you should call us at Aqua Plumbing & Air since we’ll send a professional repair crewmember to your home to diagnose the problem. With repair, your unit will continue to keep your home’s temperatures comfortable for many years. 

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