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For many people, their office is a second home. So whether you lead a team in an office building in downtown Sarasota, Florida, or you work from a small corner of your home, you can’t pass up the chance to improve your office space. There’s plenty you can do to take your office to the next level, but a great place to start is keeping the room comfortable. Keep your office cool and you’ll be surprised by the rise in your productivity and profits.

Why Keep Cool?

We understand that it’s tempting to keep your thermostat a little higher than optimum comfort for the sake of saving a bit on utilities during the summer, but it turns out that you’ll probably lose more than you’d save. A study from Cornell University proved that employees performed the best when the office was at a temperature around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, typing output improved 150 percent when the office was consistently kept at that optimum temperature. Too much warmer or cooler and employees began to type slower and make more errors.

How to Keep Your Office Cool

There are a few things that can keep you from maintaining your office at a consistently comfortable temperature. And if you want to enjoy the increased productivity (and profits) that come from having a comfortable office, you’ll want to consider investing in better air care.

For example, if humidity levels are too high in your office, the air will feel warmer than it actually is, even if the thermostat is still set at 77 degrees. Installing a dehumidifier will allow your HVAC system to maintain healthy humidity levels. And if you want your system to be as reliable as possible at keeping you cool, consider using the commercial AC services of Aqua Plumbing and Air.

Making the decision now to invest in a comfortable office will pay off for years to come. Allow us to help you build the office environment you want by calling Aqua Plumbing and Air at (941) 306-3715.

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