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While many people think of spring as allergy season, winter can be just as problematic for allergy sufferers in Longboat Key, Florida. Rather than suffering through winter allergies, however, you can take steps to make your home more comfortable. From pet dander to mold, here’s how to handle four of the worst wintertime allergens.

Pet Dander

When the temperature drops, you’re more likely to spend time indoors snuggled up with your family and your furry friends. While that can be cozy, it can also aggravate any pet dander allergies. To alleviate the symptoms, be sure to brush and bathe your pet regularly. At Aqua Plumbing & Air, we also recommend investing in a whole-home air cleaner that can remove virtually all of the pet dander circulating through your home’s air supply.

Dust Mites

Even when you have a regular cleaning routine, dust still has a habit of reappearing sooner than you’d like. If you have dust mite allergies, dust bunnies are more than just annoying, as they’ll also make you sneeze. Along with stepping up your cleaning regimen, our team recommends installing an Infinity Air Purifier GAPA. This air quality add-on works with your HVAC system to remove 95 percent of the airborne contaminants in your home, including common allergens.

Volatile Organic Compounds

If your cleaning routine includes harsh commercial cleaners, you could be doing more harm than you think to your home’s indoor air quality. Many cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause respiratory issues over time. Try replacing harsh cleaners with natural ingredients, and consider investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. This HVAC add-on keeps fresh air circulating through your home so you can breathe easily.


Mold is never good news, and this fuzzy substance can multiply in your home before you realize. To combat mold, we recommend installing a Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier DEHXX. This model controls humidity, making your home inhospitable to mold while keeping your family healthy.

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