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Be Prepared For A Plumbing Emergency.  We’re Here When You Need Us.

The phrases “preparing for” and “plumbing emergency” may seem counterintuitive, as most emergencies take homeowners by surprise. However, it’s entirely possible to prepare for a plumbing emergency, at least to some degree.  It’s all the more important to plan for the unexpected when you have a house full of guests over the holidays.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Take preventive measures to avoid a plumbing emergency in the first place by properly caring for your system. Just as your heating and cooling system requires annual maintenance, plumbing systems also require professional maintenance, but perhaps not as often. Using the services of a professional plumber gives you key insight into the condition of your plumbing system, so that you can take a proactive position against buildup, clogs and corrosion. Further, when a professional periodically flushes out the pipes, damaging buildup is broken up, and your water will flow more freely.
  • Don’t use your basement floor as a storage facility. In the event of a plumbing pipe break, you’ll not only be facing a costly repair, but a leak in the basement will also damage whatever you have stored on the floor. If you have valuable items or antiques that you need to store, consider using an alternative location such as the attic or a second floor room or closet instead.
  • If you must use the basement to store items, which most homeowners do, purchase inexpensive shelving or build your own to house valuables, tools, seasonal clothing and more.
  • Know where the home’s main shutoff valve is located. If you do experience a broken plumbing pipe or a leak, the quicker you can shut off the water, the better. You should also know where each sink, tub or appliance shutoff valve is located so that you can turn the water off at point-of-use locations quickly.

The last step in preparing for a plumbing emergency involves choosing a plumbing professional. The plumbing experts at Aqua Plumbing & Air are standing by to answer your plumbing questions or help you deal – quickly – with a plumbing emergency. Give us a call today, or visit our website for more information. We have been serving homeowners in Sarasota and Manatee counties since 1974.

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