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duct sealingThe HVAC system in your Sarasota home acts much like your own respiratory system, circulating, filtering and conditioning the indoor air before delivering it to living spaces via the duct system. As the last line of defense, the ductwork needs to be free of cracks or holes. Duct sealing affects A/C efficiency, as well as the comfort and safety of your family.

Why a Good Seal Matters

The average home loses 20 percent or more of its conditioned air through poorly connected ductwork or leaks, which is a great incentive to inspect and repair the ducts in your own home. In addition to a loss of comfort and efficiency, leaky ducts can allow pollutants such as carbon monoxide, chemical fumes, car exhaust and mold to be drawn into the HVAC system, impacting indoor air quality. Signs of problem ductwork can include:

  • Excessive year-round utility bills
  • One or more rooms that are difficult to cool or heat
  • One or more rooms that never feel comfortable
  • Finding flexible ducts that are twisted or folded
  • Ductwork installed in the garage, attic or crawl space

Duct Sealing Tips

  • Inspect all visible ductwork, looking for disconnected joints, cracks or holes.
  • Inspect all connections at registers and vents, looking for a tight seal where they meet the ceiling, floor and wall.
  • For breaks spanning less than one quarter of an inch, make repairs using duct mastic or foil backed tape. For larger gaps, you’ll need to use a webbed drywall tape or a premium tape with a high heat rating. Duct tape should be avoided altogether, as it tends to deteriorate over time.
  • Consider hiring a qualified HVAC contractor to make repairs in unconditioned spaces, to ensure the integrity of the seal.

For more information on how duct sealing affects A/C efficiency, give us a call at Aqua Plumbing & Air. We’ve been serving homeowners in Sarasota and Bradenton since 1974.

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