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Reacting calmly when a plumbing emergency occurs can help you avoid the mess and expense of extensive water damage to your home. Don’t panic, call a licensed plumber and then follow these steps.

plumbing emergencyShut Off the Main Water Valve

Make sure you’re prepared for possible plumbing emergencies by memorizing the location of your home’s main water valve in advance. When water starts spurting from a burst pipe or overflowing from a fixture, you’ll need to get to it quickly to prevent serious damage. Once it’s turned off, check whether a fixture or appliance is the source of the leak and shut off its supply valve too.

Open the Outdoor Water Spigot

After you’ve closed the main water valve, go outside and open the spigot on your hose bib. Leave it open until the plumber arrives so any water still in the lines can drain outdoors instead of flooding the interior of your home.

Turn Off the Gas to the Water Heater

If the water heater stays running after the main water valve is shut, water pressure and temperature in the tank can rise to hazardous levels. To avert a possible explosion and the risk of accidental scalding, shut off the gas supply to the appliance and leave it off until the plumber turns on the water supply again.

Address Water Pipe Leaks

If you’ve identified the pipe that’s leaking, try sealing the leak temporarily with plumber’s tape or epoxy. If that’s not possible, try to control further flooding by putting a trash can or bucket under the leak, wrapping the pipe with rags or towels, and mopping up any water that overflows.

Deal with Clogs

If just one plumbing fixture is blocked, immediately shut off its supply valve, clean up any water on the floor, and use a plunger to try and clear the clog. When water is backing up in multiple fixtures, it’s most likely caused by a sewer line blockage that needs to be investigated and addressed by a professional plumber.

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