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Finding the right air filter for your Sarasota, Florida, HVAC system is important. Without a good air filter, you may not be able to trap dust and debris in the air before these particles harm your heating and cooling system or aggravate allergies or asthma. In addition, air filters can help you avoid expensive system repairs and improve your home’s overall indoor air quality.

But all HVAC system air filters aren’t created equal. Whether fiberglass, pleated, or electrostatic, learn how to select the best filter for your home’s system.

Fiberglass Filters

Fiberglass filters are the least expensive filter, containing a web of fiberglass fibers in a cardboard frame about 1 inch thick. These filters can trap large dirt and dust particles, but may allow smaller pollutants, such as mold spores or smoke particles, to pass through.

Pleated Filters

Pleated cotton, polyester, or paper filters contain more fiber per square inch than fiberglass air filters, so they’re more effective at removing pollutants from the air. Pleated filters can also remove smaller particles, such as mold spores or mites. These filters, however, need changing regularly, every one to three months to eliminate dirt traps and ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters contain self-charging cotton or paper fibers that use static to attract dust and debris. These filters are affordable in standard sizes, and they work well in homes with kids, pets, or smokers.

You can choose a permanent electrostatic filter that will last up to eight years, but you’ll need to wash and allow it to air dry regularly. Without proper drying, mold and bacteria could accumulate on the filter.

MERV Ratings

All air filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value, MERV. While filters with higher MERV ratings can remove more pollutants from the air, they could also restrict airflow. Before choosing a filter, check its MERV rating to make sure the filter is in the recommended range for your HVAC system.

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