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If you’re dealing with plumbing problems like serious leaks, damaged piping, or a poorly completed job, you may need to replace the existing pipes now. Here are four reasons to repipe plumbing sections in your Sarasota home.

Mold Growth

Mold is a clear sign of excess water production or accumulation. A number of water-related issues can cause mold to grow, including undetected water leaks. Though corrosion and other damage can lead to leaky pipes, pinhole leaks are an indicator that you should repipe instead of repair the existing pipes. Pinhole leaks, or pitting, result from unique water conditions that cause pipes to develop small leaks.

This type of leak can result in costly damage to everything from ceilings, walls, and floors to personal property. If you suspect your pipes may have pinhole leaks, it’s best to repipe now before costs related to water-damaged property become huge.

Discolored Water

The water flowing from your home’s pipes should be transparent at all times, so even a hint of discoloration is cause for concern. If you notice a hint of yellow or rust in your water, it’s a sign that the pipes have a serious corrosion or rust problem. Rusty pipes typically aren’t repairable, and they can quickly lead to leaks and property damage. When this happens, it’ best to call a plumber right away to schedule repiping.

Keep in mind that plumbing problems like this don’t have to come as a surprise. With a plumbing service agreement, you can protect your home’s plumbing with unlimited service calls and coverage on select plumbing.

Poor Water Pressure

It’s easy to get used to great water pressure in your shower or faucets, and you should take note when you experience a sudden change from good to poor water pressure. This is one of the most common signs that there’s a big problem with part of your home’s piping system. If the issue results from corrosion or leaks that aren’t repairable, it’s time to repipe.

Is your home’s plumbing a candidate for repiping? Contact the Sarasota area repiping experts at Aqua: (941) 306-3715.

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