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Autumn has fallen on Manatee, Florida, and while the rest of the country starts to think about turning on the heat, we still need to think about cooling our homes efficiently for the next few months. These habits will help you stay comfortable while reducing strain on your HVAC system and improving energy efficiency.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Nothing will improve your energy efficiency like professional HVAC maintenance. Now is the perfect time to schedule maintenance since your system has experienced substantial wear throughout the summer. During a professional maintenance appointment, one of our expert technicians will inspect your system, conduct any necessary repairs, clean the interior of your unit, and much more. All of our efforts reduce strain on the unit and improve efficiency.

Heat and Cool Efficiently

Your heating and cooling habits will play a significant role in determining your energy efficiency this fall. The harder you push your HVAC system to maintain comfort, the more your efficiency will drop. We understand the temptation to keep your home cool while it is still hot outside, and warmer when the weather finally begins to cool down, but the further the temperature inside your home is from the temperature outdoors, the harder your system will work and your system’s efficiency will drop. This fall, maintain energy efficiency by cooling your house to around 78 degrees.

Seal Your Home for Improve Energy Efficiency

Air leaks are notorious for reducing energy efficiency since they allow outdoor air to enter your home and for indoor air to escape. This transfer forces your system to work harder to maintain comfort. You can identify air leaks by looking for light seeping in around doors and windows, or areas where dirt and dust collects. Air leaks are also frequent in unfinished areas, such as attics. Seal leaks around doors with weatherstripping, around windows with fresh caulk, and in unfinished areas either with expanding foam or additional insulation.

Make these energy-efficient habits part of your lifestyle and you will experience greater comfort and lower utility costs this fall. To improve your energy efficiency with the Aqua One Advantage Plan, call Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715.

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