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Most outdoor lighting products are low voltage, eco-friendly lights that add security, safety and style to your Sarasota, FL home without driving up your electrical bills. Get a quote for landscape lighting in Sarasota, FL from Aqua Plumbing & Air, and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised to learn just how affordable it can be to illuminate your garden and the exterior of your home. You’ll also enjoy the assurance of knowing that our professional installers cover all the bases when it comes to landscape lighting, with a wide of practical and stylish fixtures expertly installed with minimum disruption to your garden and to your household routine.

The Importance of Expert Installation

Your Sarasota, FL home runs on a 120-volt current. At 12 volts, low-voltage landscape lighting are safer, more affordable and more energy efficient. Because landscape lights require a transformer that steps down the power from your home, it’s imperative that the transformer is properly sized and installed. Attaching too many lighting products to a single cable running from the transformer can cause lights near the transformer to be too bright and lights too far away from the unit to dim. An expert installer can determine if you need a junction box installed in your garden to distribute power and illumination evenly and to prevent outages. 

Because cables need to be buried at least six inches deep in the ground, it’s important to ensure safe installations that don’t disturb buried utility lines as well. Our insured professional installers give you the confidence that you need to make sure a simple installation doesn’t lead to code violations and fees. If you don’t have a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outdoor outlet to connect the transformer, our expert electricians can provide that necessary installation as well.

Explore All of Your Options

A reputable landscape lighting installer will make sure that you understand all of the functional and decorative options for landscape lighting in Sarasota, FL before giving you an accurate quote for the installation. At Aqua Plumbing & Air, we’ll help you explore various housing and light bulb choices, including halogen and LED bulbs, as well as the wide array of fixtures available to light up your home. Examples of the kinds of outdoor lighting that we can install for your home include: 

  • Down Lights placed high in trees or under eaves for general illumination
  • Wash lights used to bathe fencing and the home exterior walls with light
  • Well lights aimed up at trees to emphasize their sculptural quality
  • Bullet lights installed to highlight architectural details and outdoor focal points
  • Garden lights strategically placed to illuminate walkways

For the most striking lighting effects for your home, professional installation is helps ensure success. Before installing landscape lighting, make sure that the quote that you receive for the work not only includes all product and installation costs but also includes energy efficient fixtures that provide safety, security and style solutions for your Sarasota, FL home.

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