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Older electrical systems in your Bradenton home may not always be able to power modern gadgets. When it comes to household devices, our company considers your safety paramount. Protect yourself and your property by paying attention to these seven signs of faulty wiring.

1. Overloaded Extension Cords

Too many extension cords are often a precursor to electrical problems. Well-designed houses usually keep electric lines in walls and ceilings. Lines are better protected when covered, and having many extension cords make it easier to overload your circuits.

When disturbed or altered, especially by unqualified parties, the potential for trouble is high. Extending your cord exposes the lines to additional points where cords can kink, short out or get pinched. This leads to tripped breakers, damaged outlets or even a fire. Call a professional anytime this happens.

2. Dimming From Faulty Wiring

Dimming or flickering lights is another vital sign. Typically, lighting doesn’t use much electricity, which means that the cause may not be the lighting appliance itself. If this happens, have an expert check whether other appliances, like washing machines or microwave ovens connected to the same circuit are the cause.

This problem can potentially short circuit your home appliances. Our experts mostly recommend moving some appliances to another circuit if frequent flickering occurs.

3. Funny Smell

If you get an uncommon smell every time you connect an appliance, beware. New gadgets give off a smell from paint or some parts that come into contact with electricity.

If the gadget is older, something is amiss. This is especially true if something smells like burning, melting or smoke. Should this happen, unplug any home appliances, and then contact us to schedule a visit from one of our electricians.

4. Sparking of Faulty Wiring

We take it very seriously when a call comes in about sparking from a breaker panel, fuse box or outlet. Contact an expert immediately if you see this. This could lead to gadget malfunction or a fire. A certified electrician will give you more details about whether the problem is on the gadget or electrical system.

Sometimes appliances have problems that arise from the power outlets. If the system doesn’t operate silently, don’t ignore it. Turn off the power, and find a reputable company or electrician to check it out.

5. Arcing Faults

Another sign of a faulty wiring comes from arcing faults. These faults are major causes of electrical fires, and they come about when electric wires or terminals are loose, corroded or damaged, and the electricity jumps across a gap from one side to another. This gives electricity another path off its intended course and is a common fire risk.

Fortunately, arc faults are preventable by installing the arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI). If you live in Bradenton, FL, homes where the electricity outlay was installed 40 or more years ago, installing AFCI units is highly recommended.

6. Fake Electrical Gadgets

It feels good to get night lights, power strips or extension cords at a fraction of the retail price. However, striking a bargain may leave you with counterfeit products that don’t meet industry standards. A reliable company ensures that the product has been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

7. Lack of Insulation

If you feel some unfamiliar warmth from your wall, switches or outlets, the wires may not have enough insulation. Also, make sure that your bulb is within the recommended wattage. Excess heat poses a danger of fire.

Also, if you see any rodent droppings near wires, it may be a sign of impending electrical damage. Sometimes these little animals chew on wires, leaving them exposed.

Watching for the signs of faulty wiring problems can help you prevent the dangers associated with electricity. Call Aqua Plumbing & Air Manatee, FL, if you notice any of the signs above.

We are known for professionalism, experience and timely management of electrical problems. Contact Aqua Plumbing and Air for services ranging from an inspection to a full home rewiring.

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