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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Whether your water comes from a municipal supply or a private well, microscopic contaminants could be wreaking havoc in your body. A reverse osmosis filtration system flushes away that worry along with impurities in the water, providing a safer, cleaner alternative to tap water and bottled water. Aqua Plumbing & Air of Sarasota, FL is your local source for water filtration and conditioning systems. We offer complimentary water analysis to help you make the right choice for yourself and for your family.

Reverse Osmosis

Possible Contaminants in Public Water Systems

Public water systems are tested regularly to check levels of certain contaminants, including dangerous nitrates. One problem is that it isn’t possible to test for every known chemical or carcinogen, so the water may be tainted with diluted pharmaceuticals, hormones, bacteria, metals, nitrates and other chemicals. Additionally, there a is gap between the legally acceptable amounts of various contaminants and the lower threshold that’s set as a healthy limit. Even the best water systems in the nation exceed the health limits of at least a few contaminants.

How Impurities are Filtered with Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems filter out impurities by pushing water through a special membrane. Particles that are larger than water molecules, including lead and fluoride, are unable to cross the membrane. The filtered drinking water is held in reserve in a small tank, which is usually located under the kitchen sink. Contaminants are flushed out through the wastewater system. These systems were originally intended to purify seawater, and they are highly effective at removing metals, nitrates and many other common contaminants.

RO systems are more affordable than many people realize, even with the cost of hiring a professional to customize and install the system. Some consumers choose to buy an off-the-shelf filtration system and complete the installation on their own. But for those without plumbing experience, this project can be frustratingly difficult. If the system isn’t set up properly, it could leak under your cabinets or even send the wastewater into your faucet instead of down the drain. Aqua Plumbing is fully licensed, and we stand behind our work with a quality guarantee.

Start with water testing to establish a baseline and understand exactly which contaminants you are dealing with. Aqua provides a certified on-site evaluation of the water in your Sarasota or Bradenton area home. We’ll go over the results and explain your options so that you can make an informed decision. You could be drinking clearer, purer water in no time.

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