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According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical problems in American homes result in around 26,000 fires and $1 billion in property losses each year. Most electrical fires are caused by problems like old wiring, faulty electrical outlets, overloaded circuits and poor maintenance. With one in three homes in America over 50 years old, it’s not surprising that many homes need an electrical service upgrade for safety, but even new homes can require upgrades as well. Many households use far more electronics and appliances their homes were designed to accommodate.

Whether your home has an outdated electrical system or has simply outgrown your existing system, Aqua Plumbing & Airis your source when you need an electrical service upgrade in Sarasota, FL. When undertaking a home remodeling project such as a kitchen, bath or garage renovation, an electrical service upgrade in Sarasota will likely be necessary. Building codes may require the installation of a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). GFCIs have built-in circuit breakers that automatically sense when there’s a leak or a ground fault. Homes that haven’t had an electrical service upgrade in Sarasota, FL in the last 20 years usually need GFCI installations.

If you’ve never had your home’s electrical system inspected, it’s a good idea to have a professional electrician from Aqua Plumbing & Air conduct a thorough inspection. A skilled electrician will not only identify existing problems such overloaded outlets, malfunctioning outlets and frayed wiring but will also check for signs of loose wires, covers, receptacles and boxes that could pose a threat in the future. Experts recommend regular preventative maintenance as the best insurance against future problems.

Some scenarios require an immediate electrical service upgrade in Sarasota. Wires, cords and outlets that are warm to the touch or that emit a burning smell can indicate sparking wires behind walls, posing a fire hazard. Lights that constantly flicker or frequently blown fuses point towards an overloaded system. If there’s a problem with a fuse box, an electrical service upgrade to a circuit breaker is a cost-effective solution that also helps ensure your family’s safety.

An electrical service upgrade for your Sarasota home can also help protect your valuable possessions by preventing shorts and power outages. Upgrades offer a lot of convenience as well. New installations allow you to access switches and outlets where you need them. Upgrades that include new lighting installations, such as recessed lighting, wall sconces and under-cabinet lights not only add functional illumination to your home but enhance your home’s style as well. Attention to your home’s electrical system protects your property and improves the value of your home.

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