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You rely on hot water in your Sarasota, FL home not just for the relaxation or awakening of a shower, but for laundry, hand washing and many other activities as well. When it comes time to replace your old hot water tank, consider a tankless water heater. A new tankless water heater is an energy efficient way to get all the hot water you could ever want to use in your home. At Aqua Plumbing, we are able to install tankless water heater in Sarasota, FL in new and existing homes so that you can enjoy limitless hot water even on a limited budget.

Energy Efficiency: Tankless water heating systems offer up to 99 percent energy efficiency. This is true whether the tankless system is operated on propane, natural gas or electricity. This means that only 1 percent of the energy consumed by the system is wasted. Compared to traditional water heating systems that are only 70 percent efficient, upgrading to a tankless unit could save you hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills.

Better Durability: Tankless water heating systems do not have to hold tens of gallons of water at all times. The constant holding of hot water in a traditional water heater means that eventually, the system will rust out, often making a leak and creating a large mess. With a tankless heater, there are fewer needs for repairs and maintenance. You will not have to worry about waking up or arriving home to find a big leak of water all over the floor when you install a tankless heating system.

Longer Lifespan: In areas with hard water, a traditional water heater might only last seven years. A tankless water heater usually lasts twice as long, meaning lower replacement costs and less hassle. Even in places without hard water, the lifespan of a tankless heater is significantly longer than a traditional water heating system.

Greater Convenience: Any homeowner who has ever had to wait for the water to heat up, or turned on the shower only to be greeted with a blast of ice cold water understands the inconvenience of traditional water heating systems. Waiting for the water to get hot wastes water and money. With a tankless heater, you can enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of instantaneously hot water. Not only will your energy bills decrease after installing a tankless unit, but your water and sewer bill will decrease as well.

Tankless water heaters are environmentally friendly, easier to maintain and require little space in your home. These efficient appliances could even increase the resale value of your home if you decide to list your property on the real estate market. When you want to enjoy the benefits of instantaneous hot water and plenty of it, our team at Aqua Plumbing is ready to install your tankless water heater in Sarasota, FL.

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