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Few would argue that air conditioning is one of the greatest of modern inventions. And while most of us know just how much comfort a modern air conditioner can offer on a hot summer’s day, many may not be aware of who invented air conditioning. The fact is, however, a significant one since this early air conditioner model gave us the principles on which today’s models are based.

The Pioneer Who Invented Air Conditioning

The pioneer whose meticulous work in the field gave us the formula modern HVAC engineers still use to design the high-efficiency systems we depend on to beat the summer heat was a young mechanical engineer named Willis Haviland Carrier. Willis Carrier was intelligent, determined, and systematic in his approach to collecting the data he would ultimately use to improve his company’s products and uncomplicate his clients’ lives. His groundbreaking work in both heating and air conditioning reflect the astonishing results one so rarely sees yet can almost certainly expect to encounter wherever preparation, careful research, creative genius, and opportunity intersect. This precise combination of factors gave the world the technology that would later birth the entire HVAC industry.

The Challenge of Inventing Air Conditioning

After completing a crucial research project in heating system design for his new employer, the Buffalo Forge Company, the young innovator was given a second big project. His assignment: Solve a puzzling print-quality problem that one of the company’s clients, the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company, experienced only during the summer heat. The capable young graduate of Cornell University’s Mechanical Engineering Program rose to the challenge. 

The Invention of Air Conditioning

On July 17, 1902, the young Carrier completed the diagrams for history’s first scientifically designed air conditioner — a machine that would set the standard for future models. During the machine’s development, Carrier discovered the concept that proved to be the key to creating an effective A/C system. He learned that controlling humidity is just as important as controlling temperature. This principle allowed him to create the unit that finally solved the Sackett-Wilhelms print-quality issue. He patented his “Apparatus for Treating Air” on January 2, 1906, under U.S. Patent No. 808897, and his name went down in history as the man who invented air conditioning. 

The Company The Inventor of Air Conditioning Created

After developing and presenting his Rational Psychometric Formulae to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1911 — giving a priceless gift to the world — the successful inventor went on to found his own air conditioning company in 1915. Today, the Carrier name represents quality HVAC products that are recognized the world over.

At Aqua, We Are Proud to Feature the Carrier Line of Air

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