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Year after year, the toilet in your Ellenton, Florida, home is there for you and your family’s needs. However, over time, you might notice that it is not flushing as powerfully as it should or that it runs constantly. With so many new innovations that make toilets more efficient and use less water, you might want to consider replacing your old model with a brand-new one. How do you know if you should replace your old toilet and what should you look for in a new one?

When Should I Replace My Toilet?

If you are constantly calling a plumber to fix water leaks, take care of clogged drains, and to replace faulty parts, then it is time to consider a new one. Many of the first generation low-flush toilets require more than one flush and often get stopped up. Don’t waste time plunging over and over — have a modern dual-flush toilet installed that works much more efficiently.

What Should I Look For?

Modern flushing toilets have come a long way from the first ones that were designed in 1592. Not only are modern toilets more efficient at saving water, but technology is helping to improve the entire experience of using it. Automation is one of the biggest advancements in modern toilet design.

Lids that automatically lift and close help you avoid having to touch them. Lights around the seat help with nighttime illumination and heated seats are wonderful when you live in cold climates. Cleaning systems, often known as bidets, help to reduce paper waste and subsequent clogging of pipes due to the paper down them.

There are many different toilet options available, the key is to look at your budget and choose the features that are most important to your family’s needs. Give our experts at Aqua Plumbing & Air a call today at (941) 306-3715 to discuss the best modern toilet for your home and to schedule the installation of your new one.

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