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Water Conditioning SystemIf you’ve contemplated adding a water conditioning system to your home, you may wonder if the investment and effort are worth it. Whether your home is supplied by a city water system or a well, there are many contaminants and conditions that can affect your water quality. A water conditioner can address these issues as the incoming supply passes through, resulting in a variety of improvements in water-related equipment and use in your home.

Protect Household Fixtures and Appliances

Minerals and other contaminants in unconditioned water can do a lot of damage as they move through your plumbing and into various appliances and fixtures. In some cases, the results can simply be unattractive. In other cases, contact with and buildup of these materials can cause damage, shortening the life of an appliance or resulting in expensive repair needs. Examples include:

  • Appliances – mineral buildup can damage heating elements in your dishwasher and water heater. Minerals can also clog water lines to these as well as your washing machine. Damage could result in the need for service calls and possible system replacement.
  • Fixtures – minerals in hard water can result in scum and films on tubs, sinks and other fixtures. A water conditioning system may limit such damage and extend the life of your faucets, showerheads and handles.
  • Pipes – acid in your water supply can result in spots or damage in pipes, potentially resulting in blockages or leaks.

Improve Performance of Water-Related Appliances and Equipment

While hard water can result in the eventual malfunction and failure of your dishwasher or water heater, you may not notice the subtle changes in the performance of these items until that major problem occurs. A water conditioner may reduce the following problems in the performance of such equipment:

  • Water heater – scale buildup can result in poor efficiency levels from your unit, leading to higher costs for hot water and impacting the ENERGY STAR ratings of high-efficiency equipment.
  • Dish washer – unconditioned water can result in a film or other residue being left on glassware and other dishes and utensils.
  • Washing machine – materials in the water supply can result in poor stain removal, high detergent usage and the appearance of unexplained stains on clothing items.

Safety and Quality

Using systems such as Hellenbrand water conditioners makes it possible to improve the appeal of your consumable water. Some contaminants may not be dangerous but could be unappealing. For example, hydrogen sulfide can affect the appearance or flavor of food and beverages. Materials like nitrates occur naturally but can be harmful. A combined approach of installing a conditioning system and an advanced filtration system enables you to provide your family with healthy and appealing drinking water.

Expert Analysis and Solutions

At Aqua Plumbing & Air, we can assist you with evaluating your water supply to pinpoint materials that may be of concern. We can also recommend the best Hellenbrand water conditioners and filtration options based on our findings and your goals. Contact our office to get started today.

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