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A heat pump is a great way to help keep your Manatee, Florida, home warm during the cooler winter months. While a heat pump is easy to use and requires little maintenance, understanding the settings on the thermostats will help you operate your system properly and achieve the temperature you desire. One setting on a heat pump thermostat, you may not be sure of, is the emergency heat setting.

What Is the Emergency Heat Setting on Your Thermostat?

With a heat pump, emergency heat is also known as auxiliary heat and is a secondary stage that your thermostats can use. You may require some auxiliary heat when the temperature outside becomes colder, and the heat pump cannot remove the necessary heat from outside. The emergency setting will often be triggered if the temperature outside of the home were to fall below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Does the Emergency Heat on Your System Work?

When a heat pump is in heating mode, the refrigerant flow will reverse, and the pump will begin removing the heat from the air outside and pump it into the house. Your heat pump also has a secondary source of heating, which can be oil or gas but is often electrical. This stage of heat will come from coils inside of the air handler.

Many people will believe that they need to switch on this emergency setting when the temperature drops low, but if your system is working properly, then the setting will switch itself on automatically when the heat pump can’t get your home to the desired temperature on its own. The only time that you would need to switch your emergency heat setting on manually is if there was a problem with the functioning of your heat pump. This can occur due to the outdoor unit of the heat pump freezing up or shorting out.

If you find that your heat pump needs to have its emergency heating switched on manually, call us at (941) 306-3715. One of our Aqua Plumbing & Air specialists will determine your HVAC problem and rectify it immediately.

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