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hvac maintenance technicianIf your HVAC system seems to hum along just fine from year to year, the temptation can be strong to avoid the cost of maintenance until a malfunction occurs. But ignoring HVAC maintenance can have expensive and sometimes dire consequences.


Your HVAC system is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Ignoring HVAC maintenance can lead to expensive furnace or air conditioner repairs. For instance, a dirty air filter will likely diminish airflow, causing the system to work harder and perhaps even break down. A low level of refrigerant may promote compressor failure, ultimately requiring a costly repair or replacement of the air conditioner. Neglecting to keep a condensate line clear of obstructions can result in overflowing water puddles, as well as mold flourishing in your HVAC system. Uncovering minor issues can prevent major issues from developing.


It’s not only your pocketbook that’s likely to be impacted by ignoring HVAC maintenance. There are also safety issues. A low refrigerant level may mean you’ve got a leak somewhere, and that can be a hazard for your family and the environment. Faulty wiring for air conditioners and other HVAC equipment can lead to fires. A gas furnace with a cracked heat exchanger may be leaking carbon monoxide. Proper maintenance helps assure the safety of your home’s occupants.


A well-maintained HVAC system operates more efficiently. Returning to the dirty air filter example, your system not only works harder due to reduced airflow, but it also works less efficiently. Straining to do its job, the HVAC system doesn’t cool or heat as effectively, triggering costly thermostat adjustments to make the home’s occupants feel comfortable. Another standard maintenance task is calibrating the thermostat. Without proper calibration, the system may be turning on unnecessarily, boosting utility bills.

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