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water softnerWater softeners are indispensable plumbing products, but many homeowners lack a basic understanding of how they work. That’s okay: You also don’t need to know how your car’s engine works to get where you’re going. However, some well-placed knowledge of water softener systems can go a long way.

Basic Operation for Water Softener Systems

Also known as water conditioners, these systems remove unwanted minerals and other pollutants from the drinking water that flows into our homes. They’re designed to improve the taste and reduce the potential ill effects of this life-giving fluid.

Its ProMate 6.0 DMT series uses a natural water softener that’s gentle on piping and other surfaces that routinely come into contact with water. It features a two-chambered design that allows for the use of two different types of softener – known as media – for homeowners who wish to compare results or treat different streams.

First, outside water flows into the system’s upper chamber and mixes with carbon or a specialized softening media. Next, the water moves to the second chamber for a second round of cleaning. This chamber may also contain tannin compounds that eliminate unwanted color from the stream. After exiting the second chamber, water flows through a dedicated pipe and into the home’s main water system.

Although these water conditioning systems are quite efficient, they eventually need to be refreshed or “recharged.” Softening media can be flushed with a salt solution and replaced. Used carbon can quickly be switched out for new material by a professional.

More About Hellenbrand Water Conditioners

As a popular brand of water conditioner, Hellenbrand systems have some unique features. These include:

  • A modular design that lacks nuts, bolts and screws
  • One-piece stacking installation that reduces the likelihood of error and facilitates fast assembly
  • Greater chamber surface area for enhanced cleaning performance
  • Usage monitoring technology that catalogs performance over the past two months and directs resources appropriately

Benefits of a Hellenbrand Water Conditioner

Why is it important to use a water softener to treat your home’s drinking and washing water? Some of the most noteworthy benefits include:

  • Promotes healthy hair and skin that require less shampoo and soap
  • Facilitates more efficient water heating
  • Prevents buildup that can reduce the useful life of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Reduces or eliminates discoloration on tiles and fixtures
  • Enhances the cleaning power of dishwashers and washing machines

Making Your Water the Best It Can Be

We’ve provided Florida homeowners with comprehensive plumbing services for four decades. During that time, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about treating common plumbing problems, including hard water and all its unpleasant side effects. To learn more about the benefits of a water conditioning system or to schedule a consultation on your plumbing needs, contact us online or call (941) 306-3715.

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