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Landscape lighting will transform the way your home appears at night. Whether you add one well-placed installation or several, this is one upgrade that will make a big difference. Give your Sarasota, Florida, home a fresh look and some added safety elements with new exterior lighting.

Light Your Path

Path lights are one of the most popular options for exterior home lighting. With the proper installations, your guests will know exactly where to tread, even when it’s dim outside. Path lights keep visitors off your grass and out of the flower beds while making sure their feet are on steady ground. Path lights are placed along the edge of walkways and driveways, low to the ground.

Decorate the Deck Posts

Deck posts are an easy and obvious place for some added lighting. Deck lights add a soft glow to this outdoor gathering space and keep the deck safer by highlighting the edges. Since deck lights are naturally close to the home, they also offer some extra security.

Illuminate Your Garden

Well-placed garden lights add aesthetic appeal to your exterior spaces. This type of accent lighting highlights your favorite flowers, fountains, or sculptures. You can also add a subtle moonlight effect to your entire garden with a full glare guard mounted in a tree.

Make Stairs Safe

One of the most important places for exterior lighting is around stairs and uneven ground. If you have steps or stairways that aren’t properly lit, your home can become a risky place for visitors. Make sure everyone from your delivery professionals to your friends and family are safe around your home when it’s dark outside. You can uplight or downlight your stairs to create your preferred effect, but do install some type of lighting here. Include a motion sensor to keep this installation energy efficient.

It’s important to have functional, carefully placed lighting around your home — both inside and out. Contact Aqua for all your lighting needs, from repairs and upgrades to brand new installations.

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