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While most home improvement jobs can be accomplished yourself, electrical rewiring is definitely one of the exceptions. There are local regulations to be followed, and the safety risks are too great. For the electrical rewiring of any home in Sarasota, FL, it’s always best to hire a certified electrician.

Typically, there are four stages involved in rewiring a home. The installation can be either flush or surface. With a surface installation, the cables are concealed within a pipe or the trunking is fixed to the ceiling or walls. A chopped method entails the chopping of the plaster walls and laying the cables flush into the walls. Consideration needs to be given to the installation method as it affects the room’s decoration. After the cables are installed into the walls, switches and sockets are installed during the second stage. The walls are then plastered to cover the wire work. The last stage of electrical rewiring entails the testing of all circuits to ensure that everything is in compliance with all the wiring regulations. The homeowner is given an electrical installation certificate that confirms the installation was done in accordance to industry codes and local laws.

Depending on the age and size of a Sarasota home, rewiring a home can be a large project. New wires are run throughout the house, a new main panel is installed, new outlets are installed and repairs are typically needed to the walls after installation. Smaller homes that have easy access through basements and attics typically cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 for a complete rewiring job. If there are a lot of rooms, energy requirements and outlets, the cost will increase. Homes without easy access will need a lot of work to run new wires and can range from $8,000 to over $15,000. When getting an estimate for a rewiring job, make sure that permits, labor, parts and repairs to drywall are included. This way, there will not be any unexpected surprises. Also, get several quotes so that you can choose one that meets your budget.

Rewiring a home is costly and may not be affordable for many homeowners. Keep in mind that the rewiring job does not have to be done for all rooms at the same time. You can request an electrician complete a laundry rooms or kitchen first and come back at a later date to finish other rooms. In addition, you can always start with an upgrade to the main panel and service.

Deciding when to rewire a home can be a tough decision because of the cost. Many of the homes constructed in the 1980s are not up to current safety standards in the industry, and today’s technological gadgets put more of a load on the system. If a home electrical wiring is not up to current safety standards, it’s wise to find a way to finance the rewiring.

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