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If you’re handy, it’s probably tempting to fix plumbing problems in your Sarasota, Florida, home on your own. There are some projects that you can do on your own, but bigger projects should be left to the experts.

Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system can help promote a healthy lawn or garden and takes the stress and time commitment out of doing it yourself. If you’re taking the time to invest in your lawn, make sure the project is done right by hiring a professional plumber to complete this project. A professional knows how to secure necessary permits and implement a system with your water lines, keeping your yard healthy all year.

Shutting off Water Supply

When you have major plumbing issues, such as a burst pipe that is flooding your home, your first instinct should be to stop the water flow by closing the main shut-off valve. Everyone in the family should know where this valve is. Turning off the water to a running toilet or a backed up sink is much different from turning off the water flow to your home. If your home is flooded, be sure to shut off the flow of electricity at the main breaker also. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these plumbing valve locations, call in an expert so you can become familiar with them.

Bathroom Additions

If you’re adding on a bathroom, tackling the plumbing aspect is not a good idea for a couple of reasons. Sometimes you need permits to build on additions to your home, especially if it requires extra plumbing. A professional is familiar with this aspect of the renovation and will guide you through this process. Also, adding a bathroom addition requires complicated work, and it’s not worth risking delaying your renovation by trying to work the plumbing out yourself.

Kitchen Renovations

If you’re just redecorating or doing superficial renovations, it’s possible to complete projects in the kitchen yourself. A new faucet is often a DIY project, and can be tackled by someone handy. If you’re doing more extensive renovations to your kitchen, it is not a good idea to attempt them on your own.

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