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While the life expectancy of any type of heating and air system will vary, it’s a safe assumption that homeowners in Sarasota, FL need to consider the possibility of buying a new unit after the old one has been in service for ten years. Choosing to use this time frame as a benchmark means that you are likely to have plenty of time to consider different replacements before things get a little urgent. Assuming your current system is already more than ten years old, recognizing the signs of an impending failure will make it easier to learn how to know when it’s time for new heating and air solutions in your home. 

Repairs are Needed More Frequently

As a system ages, it is not unusual for components to require replacement more often. Hopefully, you chose to purchase a service and maintenance agreement from Aqua Plumbing & Air to help with the cost of those repairs. Even so, a steady increase in the number of repairs made each year can be a sign that you need a new system. As a sign of how to know when it’s time for new heating and air in Sarasota, FL, the value of monitoring the frequency of repairs cannot be underestimated. 

Take a look at your repair bills for the last couple of years. Create a chart that will make it easier to identify trends that are emerging with your system. If the total number of repairs is increasing steadily, that is a sure sign that a new system is in order. Failing to do so will eventually mean you are pumping more money into the unit than it is worth. 

Temperature and Humidity Levels are not Uniform

When your system is working properly, the temperature throughout the home will be more or less the same. In like manner, the level of humidity found in each room will be similar. Given the heat and humidity that is common in Sarasota during the summer months, experiencing hot spots in the bedrooms and other critical areas of the home is not something you want to encounter. If you really want to learn how to know when it’s time for new heating and air solutions, considering the comfort level throughout the home is an important sign to consider. 

If you are not sure if the hot spots are connected with something other than the heating and air system, call a professional for an inspection. A competent service technician can quickly identify if the origin of the issue is connected with a decrease in system efficiency or if the reason for the pockets of heat and higher humidity can be explained by some other aspect of the home. When the heating and cooling unit is the obvious reason for the variance in comfort level through the home, it’s definitely time to consider the purchase of a new unit. 

Strange and New Sounds

Another indication it’s time for new heating and air solutions has to do with an increase in sounds during the operation of the unit. Additional creaks, clanks and other distressing noises can often indicate that the unit as a whole is wearing out. Have the unit inspected by a professional to determine if replacing a few key components will fix the problem. If not, it’s now time to consider the purchase and installation of a brand new energy efficient unit.

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