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If you purchased a vintage or older home in Bradenton, FL, you may have faucets that contain lead. This could be from the materials used to build them. It could also come from lead pipes. Before you move into the house, have Aqua Plumbing & Air test the pipes and the faucets to ensure no lead exists. If it does, you will not be able to occupy the home until the situation is corrected. No home inspector will pass the house for occupancy due to the lead safety hazard.

This is not a DIY project. Lead needs to be removed by licensed professionals. The company has the equipment, certified personnel and training to successfully remove any lead in the house. It may be possible to run new water lines without removing the old ones. The professionals know whether this would be acceptable under state regulations.

The benefits of having lead-free faucets and pipes cannot be understated. Drinking lead contaminated water is proven to be poisonous to everyone that drinks it. It can be absorbed through the skin as well. Using it for “just washing and cleaning” is nowhere near acceptable. All the lead must be removed. The lines will not pass inspection until they are proven to be lead-free.

Old fixtures could be lined with or made with lead. Many lead-free faucets are made today to resemble vintage fixtures. Once installed, they deliver healthy water and look like they were manufactured decades ago. Prices vary according to style, size and type of fixture.

The benefit of being able to occupy the house is priceless. Another benefit is that installing lead-free faucets improves the resale value of the house significantly. Few buyers want to buy a house with unsafe plumbing. Aqua Plumbing & Air serving the Bradenton, FL, area can take care of all of your plumbing and HVAC installation, maintenance and repairs.

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