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If you live in Florida you know that the water that comes out of your tap is not likely to taste or smell good due to the variety of chemicals and treatments put into the water to make it drinkable. Many people who want clean water in Bradenton, FL for drinking normally purchase bottled water, but doing so can quickly become expensive. In addition to the cost of purchasing bottled water, the water that comes out of your tap is likely to be reducing the lifespan and efficiency of many of your appliances. This is why you should consider having Aqua Plumbing & Air install a water softener and water filtration system into your home.

The Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Even if you only drink bottled water instead of tap water from your faucet, you are still cooking, washing vegetables and cleaning with water that is filled with chemicals and has particles in it. A water filtration system can provide clean water straight from your kitchen tap with minimal maintenance, only requiring you to replace filters once or twice a year. The filtration system can be installed under your sink, in your basement or in a cabinet.

You will not have to worry about replacing water filters all of the time or refilling a filtration pitcher, which only filters small amounts of water. Additionally, when you have clean water in Bradenton, FL from a filtration system, you will immediately taste and smell the difference in the water that comes out of your tap.

Reasons to Use a Water Softener

Another important part of having clean water in your home is using a water softener. Hard water can actually reduce the energy efficiency of your water heater and lower the lifespan of your dishwasher and washing machine. When you have a water softener installed, you will notice that your clothes are cleaner and brighter, that you need less detergent for your washing machine and dishwasher and that your dishes do not have spots or film on them.

Clean water from a softener can prevent soap scum from forming and other mineral buildup in your bathroom and around your faucets. You are even likely to notice that your skin and hair is softer and that you need less soap and shampoo. Having a water softener installed in your home can lead to large savings in terms of energy efficiency and lengthening the time between appliance replacements.

The experts at Aqua Plumbing & Air are happy to test of your water for free.  The certified evaluation we provide lets you know if you need water filtration or not.  Either way, it’s good to know the facts about the water you and your family drink daily.

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