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There may not be foliage to enjoy, but fall is still a great time of year in Sarasota, Florida. While you’re taking advantage of the more comfortable weather, however, don’t forget to get ready for what’s coming. Winter in Florida isn’t exactly bone-chilling, but preparing your HVAC system for the heating season is still wise. A few simple tasks can help you save money and enjoy greater comfort once cooler temperatures blow in.

Install Fresh Filters

Your HVAC system has one or more air filters designed to catch particulates and keep your air clean and healthy. Of course, snagging all those particles can eventually leave a filter dirty and restrict the air flowing through it. As a result, your system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. That means higher energy costs and greater wear on important components. Before it’s time to crank up the thermostat, make sure your heater performs efficiently by checking and changing your filters.

Schedule an HVAC System Tune-Up

If you own a furnace or heat pump, you probably already understand the importance of proper maintenance. Regularly servicing your HVAC system keeps it running more reliably, extends its service life and minimizes energy waste. There’s never a bad time to take care of your equipment, but scheduling a heating tune-up in early fall is ideal.

Clear Your Condensation Drain

Even as summer fades into fall, humid weather can persist on the Gulf Coast of Florida. As a result, your HVAC system will continue to remove moisture from your home. That means you’ll need to keep checking your condensation drain line and cleaning it as needed. The drain line is meant to drain away moisture, but it can sometimes become obstructed by mold, algae and dirt. If you don’t keep the line clear, water can back up and shut down your system or cause water damage. Periodically flushing the line with distilled vinegar is often enough to prevent this kind of buildup.

A little preparation often makes all the difference. These tasks are quick and easy, but they’ll pay off once the chilly weather arrives. To make life even easier, see our Aqua One Advantage Plan or call (941) 306-3715.

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