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springtime allergiesSpringtime allergies can be a real nuisance, especially combined with the Sarasota and Bradenton area’s sometimes uncomfortable humidity levels. While A/C maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for allergy relief, a little A/C care really can help.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Over time, the dust, pollen, mold spores, pet hair and other allergens in your home’s air accumulate on your HVAC system’s air filter. Leave the filter in too long and that built-up layer of debris can start to break loose, sending allergens into indoor air via your ducts and supply registers.

To prevent this, always use a clean air filter. While 1-inch fiberglass filters usually require monthly replacement, higher-efficiency models can last six months or longer. Even so, check your filter monthly. If it’s coated with dust, replace it with a fresh one.

Take Care of Your Ductwork

The inside of air registers and vents as well as their coverings tend to gather dust, so check yours for buildup. Don’t forget the out-of-the-way registers such as those behind furniture or in unused rooms. If the grills look dirty, remove them and wipe them down thoroughly. Then use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean out the inside of the duct opening.

If you’ve noticed an unusual amount of dust in your home, contact a heating and cooling professional for a duct inspection and, if necessary, cleaning.

Look Out for mold

When mold develops in your ductwork, it produces tiny reproductive spores that can trigger springtime allergies. While mold growth in the ducts isn’t a common problem, it’s worth checking for periodically as a part of routine A/C maintenance.

Look inside the accessible parts of your ducts. If you see splotchy discolorations, this is likely to be mold. Dampness suggests your ducts may have mold growth. Also check your:

  • Return air vents
  • Evaporator coil
  • Condensate drip pan

If you’d like to schedule professional A/C maintenance to help keep your springtime allergies at bay, contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

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