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Your HVAC system pushes the air in your Sarasota, Florida, home through your ductwork several times per day, so cleaning your ducts can improve your indoor air quality and help you save energy by increasing airflow. You can change your system’s air filter once per month to keep many contaminants out, but all ducts eventually need cleaning from an experienced professional. You shouldn’t clean your own ductwork because you could damage your HVAC system, lower your indoor air quality, or leave pollutants behind.

Potential Ductwork Damage

Professional duct cleaners know how to clean your ducts without damaging them or their insulation. Even a small gap could let air escape, wasting energy and increasing your utility bills. Also, repairs usually cost a lot more than a professional duct cleaning, and damage is hard for homeowners to detect without help.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A professional can clean your HVAC system’s diffusers, cooling coils, grilles, heat exchangers, fan motors, and drip pans as well as your ductwork. Getting rid of dirt, dust, pest droppings, cobwebs, and other contaminants improves your home’s indoor air quality and reduces asthma and allergy symptoms. If you clean your ductwork yourself, you could spread mold and other pollutants through your home even faster than dirty ducts would. Professionals use high-powered vacuums to trap all pollutants and special cameras to see inside and make sure it’s clean.

Ducts That Stay Dirty

You can clean the ductwork near your air registers by yourself, but many homes have ducts in crawlspaces or are too far behind walls to clean thoroughly without special equipment. Professionals use special rotary brushes that can clean all parts of your ductwork and help you get rid of mold and pests for good.

Aqua Plumbing & Air has more than 40 years of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical experience. We can clean your ductwork and install, maintain, and repair a variety of equipment. Call us at (941) 306-3715 for excellent service.

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