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For a new air conditioning installation in Sarasota, FL, we’ve listed a variety of licensed HVAC contractors who can install any brand product. In addition, these professional HVAC contractors can do air conditioner repair on an existing system and offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Before an air conditioning installation, an HVAC contractor should make sure that the new system is properly sized. A good HVAC contractor will do a proper load calculation following the protocols of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) manual. This procedure will entail an exact measurement of rooms and walls to determine the amount of British Thermal Units (BTU’s) that a system requires. Keep in mind that an oversized or undersized unit will adversely affect humidity levels, comfort and efficiency.

Even though many brands include directions for air conditioning installation, this is not a task that we recommend for any do-it-yourselfer. The average Sarasota homeowner does not have the industry skills, knowledge and tools to do a quality installation. Electrical permits and HVAC permits must be attained, and there are many local, state and federal guidelines that must be adhered to. In addition, most manufacturers will void the warranty if the air conditioning installation is not done by a certified technician. All in all, it’s always best to leave the job to the pros. Most good HVAC contractors will give a minimum one-year guarantee on installation.

For an air conditioning installation, it is judicious to choose an Energy Star system with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The Energy Star systems go up to as high as 26 SEER. Although the higher SEER systems are more expensive than the federal standard 13 SEER, you can regain your upfront costs in energy savings within several years. The difference in a unit with 13 SEER and a unit with 16 SEER is 30 percent more in energy savings. In addition, you’ll be eligible for a $1,500 tax credit and any existing local incentives.

Once you’ve had your new air conditioner system installed, it is essential that it is properly maintained. Many of the HVAC contractors offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your new system in top-notch condition. On average, these service plans range in price from $200 to $600 per year. Industry experts recommend choosing a plan with a minimum of two annual visits. During a visit, a technician will have a list of items to check. Services usually include cleaning the coil, checking and repairing leaks, testing the thermostat, checking for faulty wiring and recharging the refrigerant if needed. These visits are the ideal time for technicians to fix small problems before major ones develop. In addition, industry studies have shown that service plans increase a unit’s lifecycle by 30 percent.

For expert air condition service in the Sarasota area, we highly recommend Aqua Plumbing & Air. The technicians at Aqua Plumbing & Air are highly-trained, and the company offers a 100-percent guarantee on all of its work. 

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