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energy star programSarasota and Bradenton area homeowners are more focused on energy efficiency today than ever before, always looking for ways to improve home energy performance and cut energy costs. However, there’s an efficient way to go about that too. Professional home energy audits can tell homeowners which improvements will give them the biggest return for their investment, taking the guesswork out of tightening up their homes.

How Home Energy Audits Can Benefit You

Many energy efficiency issues are pretty obvious, like old, drafty windows or an aging HVAC system. However, once those are handled, remaining issues aren’t always so easy to prioritize or even locate. Are you losing heated or cooled air from leaky ductwork? Are uninsulated pipes making your hot water system inefficient? Maybe you need more insulation in exterior walls, or you’re losing heat through the attic. Which of these common issues is affecting your home’s energy efficiency and which costing you the most?

Home energy audits can answer those questions, allowing you to apply your home improvement dollars where they’re needed most. Of course, you’ll have to dip into those funds to pay for the audit, but since home energy audits show homeowners how to save an average of 30 percent on energy bills, it should pay for itself quickly.

What You Can Expect

So what will your HVAC professional do to evaluate energy efficiency in your home and locate those hidden trouble areas? Check your energy usage via monthly utility bills, survey your home to see how energy is being used, and perform a number of specialized tests to locate problem areas. Then, you’ll get a detailed plan on how you can improve efficiency in your home with a list of needed improvements that you can work on at your own pace, prioritizing them as to how much they’ll improve home comfort and reduce utility bills.

If you’d like more information on home energy audits or would like to schedule one for your home, please contact Aqua Plumbing & Air. We’ve been providing reliable, expert service to homeowners throughout the Sarasota and Bradenton area since 1974.

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