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The climate in the Sarasota area leaves homeowners facing a long cooling season and big energy bills. The following tips make it easy to reduce cooling costs without sacrificing comfort.

reduce cooling costsAddress Leaky Ductwork

If your homes ducts are in poor condition and uninsulated, as much as 30 percent of the cool air produced by the A/C can leak out before it reaches the registers. Sealing ductwork with metal-backed tape and wrapping ducts with insulation can stop this needless waste.

Strategically Ventilate Humid Areas

Get rid of the steamy warmth produced during daily activities such as cooking and showering by running exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

By installing a programmable thermostat and scheduling daily temperature setbacks, you can cut yearly cooling costs by one percent for each single-degree adjustment.

Run Ceiling Fans

The wind chill effect from a ceiling fan’s spinning blades helps perspiration evaporate faster, which makes the body feel cooler. This allows you to comfortably increase the thermostat temperature setting by as much as four degrees and save energy.

Install Insulated Drapes

Energy efficient blinds or shades help keep the interior cooler and reduce energy costs by blocking the intense sunshine and limiting heat gain.

Stop Conditioned Air Losses

Keep cool air indoors by sealing up gaps and leaks around windows, exterior doors and shell penetrations with caulk, weatherstripping and expandable foam. Make sure there’s sufficient insulation on the attic floor, too, and properly seal and insulate the access hatch as well.

Manage Heat-Generating Appliances

Changing a few daily habits can help reduce the air conditioner’s cooling load. Cook on the outdoor grill instead of in the oven, nix the heated-dry cycle on the dishwasher and hang dry the laundry instead of using the clothes dryer.

Replace Inefficient Cooling Equipment

Updating to a new, more efficient air conditioning system can help lower seasonal energy costs by 30 to 50 percent. Opting for an Energy Star-rated model can save even more as they’re 15 percent more efficient than comparable standard units.

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