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If you live near University Park, FL, there are plenty of reasons to get a complimentary water analysis .At Aqua Plumbing & Air, we can provide you with free testing so you can be sure the quality of your drinking water is the highest possible.

Remove Fluoride

Although Fluoride is touted as being healthy for your teeth, a study by the American Dental Association shows otherwise. In fact, fluoride can actually be harmful to your teeth, and is especially dangerous for babies to consume. Studies have also linked fluoride to brain damage, lowered IQ levels, and bone cancer. It can also increase the odds of kidney disease and thyroid disorders. A complimentary water analysis can determine the presence of fluoride in your University Park water, so you can be on your way to getting rid of this toxic substance.

Residue from Prescription Medications

Prescription medications remain in human waste, and may also enter the water supply whenever they are flushed down the toilet. As water is cycled through a processing plant, residue from numerous prescriptions will eventually makes its way into your drinking supply. This means you could be consuming trace amounts of harmful medications-even some you may have allergies to. A complimentary water analysis can help you determine if you might be taking in drugs that weren’t prescribed to you by a doctor.

Know your Water Softness Level

Soft water leads to better-looking hair and skin. Clothes also become cleaner whenever they are washed in soft water rather than hard water. Reports from the local water company in University Park may only give a range of water hardness, so it can be difficult to tell exactly how soft or how hard the water in your home is. Our tests are more accurate, and can help you determine whether you might need a water softener.

Finding out about Pesticides and Fertilizers

When chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on lawns, some of the residue from these substances can wash into sewer lines whenever there is a heavy rain. As a result, your drinking water could be contaminated with harmful chemicals. Water treatment plants do not have the capability of removing every type of pesticide and fertilizer on the market; therefore, some could still remain in your tap water. By having a water test performed, you’ll know about these ahead of time so you can take the proper precautions necessary to remove them through your own filtering system.

A complimentary water analysis from Aqua Plumbing & Air doesn’t obligate you, but instead will inform you. That way, you can decide if a water filtration system is in order for your family based upon accurate readings rather than a generalized report from the local water company.

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