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From sinks and garbage disposals to toilets, showers and bathtubs, it is important to know how to protect and maintain plumbing fixtures in Bradenton, FL. Taking proper care of your fixtures can extend their lifespan and reduce the chance of developing a frustrating, messy and costly problem. As your local plumbers, the team at Aqua Plumbing & Air offers some advice about how to protect your plumbing fixtures.

Maintenance Tips for Protecting Your Plumbing Fixtures in Bradenton, FL

When it comes to maintaining the fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry area, there are many preventive maintenance tasks that you can perform. Consider these tips for fixture maintenance.

Sink Traps

Use sink traps on any drain that can accommodate them. Sink traps catch debris such as hair, soap and other solids that can obstruct pipes. Pipe obstructions can cause overflows and lead to a big mess in your kitchen or bathroom. Sink traps are inexpensive and easy to place and clean.

Clean Drains

Once every month, clean the drains of your fixtures with a natural cleaning solution such as lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar and baking soda. Pour a half cup of lemon juice or white vinegar into the drain, followed by one half to one cup of baking soda and allow the mixture to bubble for at least ten minutes. Follow this with several minutes of hot water to flush the drain. In the garbage disposal, send ice cubes down the disposal once every week to help keep the blades sharp and the pipes clear.


When away from home or closing your business for an extended period of time it is important to winterize any fixtures if the weather is forecast to be cold. Any water left in pipes can freeze. As water freezes, it expands in volume, which can result in a burst pipe and thousands of dollars in water damage. Winterizing includes draining water from fixtures including toilets, faucets and even the dishwasher.

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