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If air conditioning repairs are taking up too much of your household budget, consider contacting Aqua Plumbing & Air to schedule an AC maintenance appointment. We are a professional heating and cooling company in Sarasota, Florida that can help you save money on repairs by providing routine AC maintenance. As a service plan member with our company, you receive AC maintenance every spring, a tune-up of your furnace or heat pump every fall, priority scheduling and the opportunity to save money on future services. We have several different annual service contracts available for your convenience.

When a service technician from our company arrives at your Sarasota home or business, he or she will have a detailed checklist to work from during your appointment. Our AC maintenance checklists include approximately two dozen points of individual maintenance for your unit. You can expect our service technician to change the filter in your air conditioner, lubricate moving parts, check for clogged drainage tubes, refill refrigerant gases and much more. When the appointment is over, you will receive a detailed report of what was done to each component of your air conditioner. The report will also include any recommendations for future services.

Regular AC maintenance helps you to save money because it prevents the need for major repairs. When you have a service technician from Aqua Plumbing & Air look at your air conditioner annually, he or she can detect and fix small issues before they become problematic. Another way that AC maintenance helps you to save money is by extending the life of your unit. Research in the HVAC industry indicates that air conditioners and heating systems that receive routine tune-ups last longer before having to be replaced. You will also save money on your monthly utility costs with regular maintenance.

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