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You’ve done everything you can to keep your home healthy for you and your family. You change your HVAC filters regularly and you’ve even installed a whole-home air purifier. But then you hear the dreaded, rhythmic “drip…drip” of a leaky pipe. That may hike up your water bill and cause damage to your home, but it’s not a health hazard, is it? Unfortunately, it is. Leaky pipes can permeate the health of your home by causing mold and mildew without you ever knowing. Here’s how pipe leaks will decrease your indoor air quality.

What Causes Pipe Leaks?

Pipe leaks can happen for various reasons, most of which you can’t control. Over time, pipes may rust and weaken. As your home settles, pipes can come loose from their joints. Unregulated water pressure can cause pipes to burst. Something as simple as a clog can also cause a leak. All of these things can happen without you ever being aware of the issues before your indoor air quality is already on the decline.

Leaky Pipes and Indoor Air Quality

Most leaks won’t cause a waterfall that will flood your home. Maybe they’ll only release a drop of water every minute. But those drops quickly add up as they create a moist breeding ground for mold and mildew. Even if the leak happens inside one of your walls, out of sight and seemingly out of mind, those spores will spread. Mold and mildew can lead to everything from minor symptoms like itchy eyes and throat to fatigue, difficulty breathing, and full-blown respiratory infection. At the very least, mold and mildew will leave your immune system weaker and vulnerable to other illnesses.

You may not notice these leaks until you’re already experiencing symptoms like those mentioned previously. It’s never too late to cut off the source of your indoor air quality issues. To put a stop to those leaky pipes, call Aqua Plumbing and Air at (941) 306-3715.

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