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The garbage disposal attached to your sink in your Bradenton, FL home allows you to rinse unwanted food off plates and rinse it down the drain. It is a very convenient item to have, but unfortunately it is frequently mistreated. People tend to place larger pieces of food down the sink than they should, causing it to back up and not work properly. The motor can also wear down over time and require a plumber to repair it so it will work correctly again.

There are several steps you can take to prolong the life of your Bradenton, FL garbage disposal so you don’t end up needing frequent plumbing services or repair. ¬†First, you should be very careful that items such as chicken bones, thick pieces of fruit or other large food items are not placed in the garbage disposal. This would require the blades to work extra hard, and even then they may not be capable of cutting through the food.

Secondly, keep silverware items out of your garbage disposal. If a knife, fork or spoon should accidentally get lodged in the garbage disposal of your Bradenton, FL home, turn it off before attempting to retrieve the piece of silverware. It is dangerous to place your hand in the disposal while its blades are turning. Another type of food to avoid placing in your Bradenton, FL garbage disposal is anything that is stringy or elongated, such as a banana peel or pieces of celery. These could get stuck on the blade and cause it to stop working making it necessary to call a plumber to dismantle the drain pipes and garbage disposal.

To maintain your garbage disposal clean it periodically with cold water, baking soda and vinegar. If you have followed all these tips and are still having problems, call Aqua Plumbing and one of our experienced plumbers will have the disposal and any other plumbing concerns fixed quickly.

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