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Aqua Plumbing & Air serves Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding communities for plumbing repair and installation. Their technicians will respond to emergencies any time, day or night throughout the year. They would like to offer the following advice for homeowners to help avoid the need for plumbing repair.

The most common plumbing repair call in Sarasota involves clogged pipes. Some customers will call immediately when the sink backs up and others will try to remove the clog themselves. This can be successful, but it can also lead to disaster. Using over the counter products may work. This depends entirely on the type of clog, where it is in the pipe line and what type of pipes the house has. PVC pipes should never have acid such as lye poured into them. This will melt the pipes and the mess will be hazardous. Lye can also have a violent reaction with materials in a sink. This can cause an explosion with disastrous effects.

The best way to avoid clogs is to keep the drain lines clear of contaminants. If you use a garbage disposal, maintain it according to the manufacturer’s directions. Use a monthly drain cleaner in your lines. Regular household bleach will dissolve organic material in the lines. Avoid rinsing food bits from plates directly into the drain. Scrape plates off over the trash can instead. Never pour grease or fat into a drain. Scrape or pour grease into a can, jar or other container and place in the trash.

Another common plumbing repair call in the Sarasota region is a backed up toilet. Children play with toys and are often fascinated by watching a toy swirl around in the toilet. Once stuck, the toilet can work for a couple of days until waste builds up behind and around the obstruction. Once the toilet is clogged, it will back up. Using a plunger may appear to clear the clog. Unfortunately, the clog seems to come back every day or every time the toilet is used. The plumbing technician may need to remove the toilet from the floor and manually remove the obstruction. Clogs further down the drain line may require the use of a snake instead. Avoiding this type of clog is easy. Never flush clothing, toys, food, cat litter, feminine napkins or anything else other than toilet paper and waste in a toilet.

Have the water heater inspected once a year to ensure it is working at peak efficiency. The anode rod will need periodic replacement from time to time. Energy efficient models are available today that will save money on the utility and water bill. Some are Energy Star certified, which may qualify for tax rebates and incentives. The friendly staff at Aqua Plumbing & Air will be happy to help you decide on a new unit for your home and budget. Over time, the savings will pay for the unit and the installation. Their staff is happy to design systems for new construction, remodeling and renovations as well as maintaining and repairing existing lines.

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