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Many times people have thought about just how contaminated their tap water is, but they never thought about performing a test on it to find out all of the specifics. In order to test tap water, you will need to mix the water into small containers containing a chemical reactant on the inside of them. Due to the reactant inside of the container, it will cause the water coloring to change whenever there are certain pollutants that are found within the water. This way you will know what is in the water and what needs addressing. If you need assistance with a complimentary water analysis, give Aqua Plumbing & Air a call to see what they can do to help you figure out what is going on inside of your Sarasota, FL home.

A complimentary water analysis is very accurate. Depending upon the shade of the colored water tester, it can determine how strong of a presence there is of that chemical within your drinking water. This particular method of testing is critical when it comes to determining the level of contamination within our water supply. The last thing you want in Sarasota is to worry about your water levels exceeding normal limits and soaring into dangerous categories. Even though the presence of any contaminants is a problem, you don’t want to allow the problem to become worse than it already is, especially when you are putting your health onto the line drinking the water.

Even though it is imperative to understand the process for testing your water, it is just as important to understand what the water is being tested for in terms of contaminants. When you consider we currently use more than 80,000 chemicals, as well as pharmaceuticals, any number of contaminants may be lurking within your tap water. Often, when you find one contaminant, there are more to follow in its path, which is why having a complimentary water analysis is so important for your safety.

Roughly, 2,100 of the chemicals that are often found within our drinking water are known to cause cancer within our bodies. This includes the abundance of chlorine that we often use to kill off the parasites in our drinking water. Even though chlorine is not as dangerous as others, that does not mean we should not avoid it when dealing with waterborne diseases.

When it comes to the complimentary water analysis to determine what is going on with your water, the testing is identical to that done by those working at treatment facilities. The problem is that they do not perform the testing often enough for it to be effective. There are not enough agents to perform the required testing to ensure everyone’s health and safety. In all reality, this is truly sad for those who are drinking their tap water.

If you want to have your water tested in the Sarasota area, give Aqua Plumbing & Air a call today. Let them come out and take care of your concerns right away.

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