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Adding a bathroom to your Sarasota, FL, house will increase the value of the property. Aqua Plumbing & Air has plumbing contractors who will build your new bathroom according to the LEED building ratings. The ratings ensure your new bathroom will be built with renewable materials and will be as energy efficient as possible. Although the initial construction may cost more, the energy savings will make up for the price. Energy efficient rooms and buildings always sell for better prices.

Plumbing contractors who build to these standards should sit down with you and discuss what is involved in the ratings process, the materials and the costs. Incentives are available to help with construction or installation costs. Grants, tax exemptions and more are being offered by school districts and tax entities. Your local tax office, power company or contractor should be aware of the available incentives. You may need to have an inspection performed to ensure the work meets the LEED building ratings before receiving rebates or incentives. Your plumbing contractors are knowledgeable about helping you fill out the paperwork and making sure the work performed will qualify.

Local plumbing contractors should keep a list of energy-efficient products you can choose for your new bathroom. He or she should also have a list of building materials that qualify under the ratings for construction. With these lists, you can keep construction costs down and still have an energy efficient bathroom. These materials must meet the building ratings standards.

It will pay to ensure your HVAC system is able to handle the extra space a new bathroom will bring to the house. Aqua Plumbing & Air in Sarasota, FL, can inspect your current system and extend the ducts to the new construction. Their plumbing contractors will design, build and install everything necessary for an energy-efficient, comfortable bathroom that meets or exceeds the LEED building ratings.

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