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Sealing Cooling DuctsYour key to summertime energy savings for your Sarasota area home is sealing cooling ducts. A job that can be divided between you and your HVAC contractor, sealing cooling ducts is a one-time job that returns dividends every time your central air conditioner starts.

What You Can Do to Seal Ducts

Wherever you can see the ductwork, do what you can to repair and seal it. Start with the right material: adhesive-backed metal foil tape or mastic sealant only. These products are available at better hardware stores.

Don’t use so-called “duct tape,” which is fine for decorating but has an adhesive that doesn’t hold up under Florida’s heat.

  • Seal leaks you can see in ducts running through attic, garage, basement or crawl space.
  • Check flexible ducts for kinks, collapsed sections or punctures, especially in the attic.
  • If possible, examine connections between ducts and registers or vents in ceilings, floors or walls. Repair and seal these as necessary.

Sealing Cooling Ducts: What Your HVAC Professional Can Do

Many sections of your home’s ductwork are out of sight and inaccessible to you with ordinary tools. An HVAC technician can use remotely controlled devices to move through your ducts and check their condition:

  • Loose or leaking seams
  • Poor metal-forming that leaves corners
  • Sagging due to lack of supports
  • Streaks of dirt showing air infiltration
  • Clogs or particulate buildup, impeding airflow
  • Tears or crushed sections in flexible ducts

An HVAC professional can use mastic, metal foil tape or aerosol-based sealants, often applied from inside the ducts using special equipment.

Besides sealing cooling ducts you can’t reach, a professional HVAC technician should check for congested airflow from too-small branch ducts, especially in return air ductwork. Your system will never be energy-efficient if the supply and return airflows aren’t balanced.

For more guidance on sealing ducts for your Sarasota area home, contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air.

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