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Working from your Sarasota, Florida, home gives you an invigorating sense of freedom, but it’s not without its challenges. When you work for yourself, you also have to take the initiative to act as the boss and keep things up to par. You should stay on top of all the critical elements of office management so you can work from home as efficiently as you would in an office.

Organize Your Space

It’s easy to be lax about cleanliness and organization in your home office since you don’t have a boss peeking over your shoulder to assess your workspace. However, avoid the temptation to let things go. An organized work area will improve your efficiency and help you stay in a professional mindset throughout the day.

You’ll want to keep neat files, avoid cluttering your computer’s desktop with junk, and keep all the necessary supplies on hand for success, from colorful highlighters to an oversized whiteboard. Cater to the way you work and make sure you have all the tools you would enjoy in a traditional office.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

In an office building, someone else is in charge of maintenance, but at home it’s up to you. Make sure you’re still enjoying a well-maintained space. Change the filter in your HVAC system every one to three months and schedule annual maintenance for optimum indoor air quality. You’ll also want to clean your office regularly and keep dishes, old food, and other messes under control.

Invest in Good Furniture

Good office furniture can make a dramatic difference in your productivity throughout the day. Invest in a supportive desk chair so you’re not tempted to go lounge on the couch. Make sure your desk is large enough to accommodate everything you need. Additionally, keep your workspace illuminated with smart task lighting so you’re not lurking in a dimly lit corner during the day.

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