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Did you know that Air filtration is recognized as one of the BEST tools for improving health by the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Medical Association, the American Lung Association and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology! Air purifiers help to improve the quality of air in your home by eliminating dust, mites, mold, mildew, viruses, and other harmful pollutants. Just think of all the rooms in your home and the different ways the air quality can be compromised. The Kitchen: cleaning products, garbage, leaks, and detergents. The Living Room: fireplace, pet dander, and tobacco smoke. The Bathroom: areas of dampness, garbage, mold, and bacteria. The Bedroom: dust mites, poor ventilation, sheets and bedding.

An effective air purifier can provide dramatic relief of allergy symptoms and everyday irritation by eliminating these contaminants from the air. We advocate air purifiers especially in the bedroom to create a “breathing oasis” for the third of your life that you spent in your bed. The living room is also another crucial place for an air cleaner. Aqua Plumbing & Air recommends a Purification System. These systems are the best currently available and out-perform even the best HEPA filter technologies on the market.

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