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Many families look for ways to trim unnecessary costs from the budget, and recommended maintenance services tend to receive a bit of scrutiny in the process. This is true of HVAC services as well. Some wonder if routine maintenance is worth the cost. Others wonder about duct cleaning services. Still others evaluate the value of equipment like heat pumps vs. air conditioners. It’s important to understand how these services and systems benefit your home. 

Dust and Mold in Your HVAC System

One of the primary reasons duct cleaning is considered is the fact that unseen spaces can harbor all kinds of particles and materials. Just as furniture and spaces accumulate dust, so ducts can also create a safe hiding spot for these irritants. It might seem sensible to vacuum your own ducts in order to save money on duct cleaning services, but the circuit of ducts is far longer than your vacuum hose. It’s likely that your effectiveness will be minimal. Meanwhile, cobwebs and other materials can continue to inhabit the space that isn’t reached by your hose. Your home’s energy efficiency can be affected by restricted airflow over time if pollutants aren’t removed. However, most homeowners are more concerned about the health impact of the dust and bacteria. 

Mold can be another hidden issue for homeowners in Venice, FL. While it may seem sensible to eliminate the cost of duct cleaning, the potential for mold to develop and lurk in your ducts makes it reasonable to think twice about skipping this service. Mold can contribute to allergies and other health problems, and keeping it out of your ducts can limit its infiltration into your air stream in the home. You should also consider having your indoor coils cleaned periodically. The savings from cutting this service out of your budget may not be very significant if you end up facing medical problems and lost work time because of your allergic response to the materials hidden in your ducts.

Professional HVAC Diagnostics

Whether you are debating heat pumps vs. air conditioners or the value of duct cleaning compared to the cost of the service, Aqua Plumbing & Air can provide expert advice and assistance. We offer service plans that include diagnostics of your equipment and ducts. Using a licensed and reputable HVAC professional will ensure that you receive legitimate advice about needed services and the condition of your equipment. 

We make sure that your refrigerant levels are correctly charged. We will inspect your ducts for signs of mold, dust and cobwebs. We won’t recommend cleaning unless it’s needed. We can also help you address your home’s air quality issues with a variety of specific types of equipment that are tailored to common HVAC concerns. Give us a call to set up your service.

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